Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Security + Laws = Expensive

Several states have already enacted laws governing encryption of customer data. Sounds reasonable enough, especially in view of the string of well-publicized losses of sensitive and personal data on laptops over the last few years, but every benefit comes with an expense, and this is no exception. Think of how much additional money it is going to require if every IT resource your employees use to work with consumer data needs to be encrypted. That pretty much covers all your servers, desktops, laptops and even some smart phones. The Coke machine may be exempt...unless it takes credit cards. 

The Wall Street Journal article I read about this is not openly available on the Web, but there are other articles to read about this, such as this one at the Washington Post, and this blog posting on a Massachusetts law

BI Logs

Another great posting from the Rittman Mead Consulting blog, this one on Digging into the Oracle BI Server Query Log File. This stuff is gold. Dig, and ye shall find.

HTTP Caching

A nice demo and some wise words on HTTP caching and why you still have to code for performance at the Service Architecture SOA blog.

SQL Developer Early Adopter Release

The SQL Developer team is pleased to announce their first Early Adopter release of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling.
  • Use this page on OTN, for access to initial documentation and supporting collateral.
  • Access the Early Adopter Download. This download link walks you through a brief one-time survey, before you can download the product. If you had done any of our internal early adopter releases, you will not be required to repeat the survey. 

Manga is a Japanese cartoon medium that isn't usually thought of in a database technology context. Well, now it is. If you have users with unreasonable expectations you can buy this book linked from the Oracle Alchemist blog. and use magic solutions. From the book's page on Amazon: 'Tico the fairy teaches the Princess how to simplify her data management'. I'm really trying not to crack a smile while typing this. Ok, I smiled.

Different Character Sets

You have two DBs, they are in different character sets, and you need a quick way to have one read the other. The Momen blog has a quick resolution. Ok, as he admits, this is not going to be a fast performance solution, but it's simple, and sometimes that's all you need in a pinch while you are evolving a more elegant solution.

Oracle Exadata Server

A good, detailed critique of Mike Ault's posting on the Exadata Storage product over at Kevin Closson's blog. Is Kevin an Oracle employee? Yes. Is he a straight shooter who bases his article on the technical facts, not any partison considerations? Yup. That too.

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