Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 27-FEB-2014


Oracle on Solaris


From Proactive Support - Identity Management: Sustaining Engineer Release Announcment OIM Bundle Patches Released.


From the Java Platform Group, Product Management blog: Managing multiple Java versions.


Cloud Computing

You want documentation? Yah, we got that: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

Mobile Computing

Oracle Joins Mobile Security from The VAR Guy.

Coding Oracle

From that JEFF SMITH: How to Start the PL/SQL Debugger.

Oracle VirtualBox

JD Edwards White Paper

Business Computing

Business Analytics

Oracle runs a question of the week survey. Here's the one for this week: Do you feel that data security concerns in the cloud are diminishing?

Public Sector Roundtable

Oracle is presenting a roundtable called Empower the Enterprise. Technology Your Way.


A discussion on Ray Kurweil, Google, and the future of the seen through robotic eyes: Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so… at The Guardian.

And speaking of the future, this time the near future, here are some Tech Predictions for the Year of the Horse from ...and they shall know me by my speling errors.


I’m a big fan of Safari books. Here’s a new one making a splash in tech circles: Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple Second Edition.

...And Finally

How to write boffo copy and presentations: 12 Writing Exercises That Will Transform Your Copy Today. (Hint, don't actually use the term 'boffo' in your presentations).

From TOXEL.COM: Ads vs Real Fast Food. Looks to me like McDonalds did the best on this.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Ellison Honors Steve Jobs at Business Hall of Fame
This is very different than my usual technical posts, but I think it is very worthwhile.  Be sure to watch the embedded video in the article to hear Larry give a touching tribute to his friend, Steve Jobs. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 20-FEB-2014


A couple of neat items from Jonathan Lewis at Oracle Scratchpad, as always:


From the Database administrator workshop: How to recover a table in a pluggable database from a backup.

A lot of good hands on is starting to come out for 12c, both day to day operations and taking advantage of new features.


SQL Developer






At daust_de :: Oracle XE / APEX: Oracle APEX Listener - support for Apache Tomcat.


From Oracle E-Business Suite Technology

From Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:

Scientific Computing

Monday, February 17, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Watch New Video to Discover the Seven Ways ORACLE TEAM USA Sails Like Successful IT Teams
ORACLE TEAM USA successfully defended the 34th America's Cup in 2013 in San Francisco. Oracle’s new video, “Seven Ways Oracle TEAM USA Sails Like Successful IT Teams,” features captivating sailing footage while Oracle CIO Mark Sunday and ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns discuss how innovation happens, lessons IT can learn from the team's success, and important parallels between great sailors and top IT pros.
Oracle CIO Mark Sunday (right) talks with ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns.  
Oracle CIO Mark Sunday (right) talks with ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns.
You can view the almost 10-minute video on

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 13-FEB-2014


At Julian Dontcheff's Database Blog: Oracle Exadata myths and misconceptions.


At Solaris Defined Networking ;-): Oracle Solaris 11 Integrated Load Balancer.




Some good stuff posted over at WEBLOGIC COMMUNITY: Additional new material WebLogic Community.



At the really well named ...and they shall know me by my speling errors. blog: 8Cool Things About Java Streams.



From DZone: Blaze: A Python Compiler for Big Data.

Okay, and now an article on the dark side of Python, which should probably be considered a security vulnerability and countermeasures created: How to kick everyone around you off wifi with Python, from Dan McInerney.

Finally, for those of you getting in touch with your academically inclined geek using Python, there is this: A Study of Python's More Advanced Features Part I: Iterators, Generators, itertools, at Math U Code.


From Modern HR in the Cloud, take the survey: What is Your Opinion on Cloud and HCM?

...And Finally

Soon you’ll be able to curse at traffic AND your stupid computer at the same time: U.S. Agencies Take Significant Step Toward Wirelessly Connecting Vehicles To One Another from Singularity Hub.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

With the latest My Oracle Support upgrade to MOS 6.8, My Oracle Support Community will share the same platform as Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Community. Refer to Note:1614073.1 for an overview.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 06-FEB-2014

Your faithful editor is a bit under the weather this week, so a bit of a short issue, but some bits and pieces of interest nonetheless.


Log Buffer #357, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, a posting of links blog like the Infogram, is out with a new issue. From Pythian.

From Oracle Scratchpad: Minus.


At Striving for Optimal Performance: Extension Bypassed Because of Missing Histogram.

SQL Developer


Computing is a moving target. This article from Infoworld discusses fundamentals of business models and the future from my boss many, many levels up the tree: Ellison: Facebook is new model for business applications.

JD Edwards





From WebLogic Partner Community EMEA, news on Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop.

...And Finally

World's first paperless public library in US Bexar County, Texas. Okay, I was one of the people who ordered a Kindle in the first four hours it was available (and all 10k of them were sold out). But I still feel this odd twinge when seeing this ‘library’ without books. Guess I’m a hybrid, part digital, part dinosaur.

GATES SPENDS ENTIRE FIRST DAY BACK IN OFFICE TRYING TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8.1. Okay, I get that this is a spoof, but wouldn't it be epic if it was true? I remember reading once that he put his whole palatial mansion on Windows, with a system that turned on big wall scale screens when you came in...but couldn't turn it off totally and the system kept him up all night making buzzing sounds.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle's Cloud
Here is an interesting article where Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd discuss Oracle's Cloud Growth and it's future. 

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