Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 13-FEB-2014


At Julian Dontcheff's Database Blog: Oracle Exadata myths and misconceptions.


At Solaris Defined Networking ;-): Oracle Solaris 11 Integrated Load Balancer.




Some good stuff posted over at WEBLOGIC COMMUNITY: Additional new material WebLogic Community.



At the really well named ...and they shall know me by my speling errors. blog: 8Cool Things About Java Streams.



From DZone: Blaze: A Python Compiler for Big Data.

Okay, and now an article on the dark side of Python, which should probably be considered a security vulnerability and countermeasures created: How to kick everyone around you off wifi with Python, from Dan McInerney.

Finally, for those of you getting in touch with your academically inclined geek using Python, there is this: A Study of Python's More Advanced Features Part I: Iterators, Generators, itertools, at Math U Code.


From Modern HR in the Cloud, take the survey: What is Your Opinion on Cloud and HCM?

...And Finally

Soon you’ll be able to curse at traffic AND your stupid computer at the same time: U.S. Agencies Take Significant Step Toward Wirelessly Connecting Vehicles To One Another from Singularity Hub.

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