Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Infogram This week: EBS, Summing Up, Enterprise RDBMS, Virtualization, Installs, Solaris


Still a slow, happy, holiday week, and only one new posting over at the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:

New Whitepaper: Oracle E-Business Suite on Exadata

Summing Up

Here is one of the those 'end of the year' lists you definitely don't want to be on: The Ten Great Software Glitches for 2010 from ZDNet.

In another cumulative posting, Pythian hosted the latest issue of the Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, Log Buffer 210, with many an interesting post.

Enterprise RDBMS

Kevin Closson brings us another series of interest to the enterprise RDBMS planner and user on his blog of the lengthy name: Kevin Closson’s Oracle Blog: Platform, Storage & Clustering Topics Related to Oracle Databases: Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS Clonedb Feature – Part I.


Over at Oracle's Virtualization Blog there is an announcment: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.0 released.


For fans of building ships in a bottle, and having the bottle located in another state, the Oracle Middleware Blog has an article on How to Install oracle Software on Remote Linux Server.


Speaking of installing things, great posting of postings on Understanding the Bootable Automated Installer in Solaris 11 Express over at the OTN Garage.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oracle Infogram This Week: EBS, Data Mining, DBA, Cloud Computing, OBIEE


The holidays are upon us, so fewer postings than usual. Even the usually prolific Oracle E-Busines Suite Technology blog has only one item for the week so far:

Is RAC One Node Certified for E-Business Suite?

Data Mining

When you are up to your elbows in really gronky legacy data that seems to have been formatted using a shredder the emphasis seems more on the 'mining' part of data mining, but as this posting points out, data mining is a science and its practitioners scientists. So put on that lab coat and try to look the part: Data Scientist over at the
Systems Engineering and RDBMS blog.


There's a ring of truth about this article at on some of the key skills for a DBA. These are some of the realms that tend to be complex and carry a lot of responsibility (and dare I say it, culpability): Top 5 Technologies for the Oracle DBA.

Cloud Computing

People are still trying to make up their mind about what constitutes a proper cloud, how much they are going to trust the concept with their data, etc. There's plenty of activity, that is without doubt.

Eye on Oracle has some glad tidings on availability of Oracle products on Amazon's cloud: Amazon offers more Oracle apps in the cloud.

The shift away from single hard-disk hosting of data is also something Oracle is working on judging by this item over at
AppsLab: Oracle Announces Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3.


Rob Reynolds' BI & EPM Blog is starting a useful series on Security in OBIEE 11g: Security in OBIEE 11g, Part 1


If you look up from the holiday feasts and find you are missing the server room, here is something to play with at
Xenta Consultancy: Extend Pre-Built Virtual Machine For SOA Suite With Oracle Service Bus.

That's it for this week. Merry Christmas everyone!

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