Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oracle Priority Service This Week: 25-MAY-2011


Do you know about the SRUs?
The Observatory blog tells us about these vital monthly packages for Solaris Express 11: SRUs.

Linux and MySQL

Ryan Carson found this Java app that lets you run a functioning Linux box inside your browser. I have no idea why I want that, but man is it cool: Run Linux in your browser. And yes, it did work on my iPad as well, even geekier.

Speaking of geeks, the
Pythian folk (sounds like a tribe when you say it that way) are celebrating their inner (possibly outer) geekiness: Get your geek on... join Pythian in celebration of International Geek Pride Day.

Also from
Pythian is this handy tip/warning on something they discovered about InnoDB files: InnoDB error : Total number of locks exceeds the lock table size


Prepare to travel,
Shay Shmeltzer's Weblog lets us know the season is upon us that ADF Conference Season is Starting.

Also of interest in the world of ADF is this posting from
CapGemini's Oracle Blog about a new ADF blog with lots of goodies: Marianne’s ADF Blogs.


Some new feature run downs over at
in 2 Hyperion:

What's New in Hyperion EPMA 11.1.2?

What's New in Hyperion Essbase 11.1.2?

What’s New in Hyperion Planning 11.1.2?

Tim Tow tells us about Essbase API - Ephemeral Port Issues/Resources.

Data Warehousing

The Data Warehouse Insider goes into the arcane details of Parallel Load: Uniform or AutoAllocate extents?


The May 2011 Customer Update Webcast is available for ECM customers.


The WebLogic Server Performance blog has a very useful article available: Using the Dashboard to Isolate Poor Performance to the Back End.


From the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog this week:

Database Certified with EBS on HP-UX

Oracle Access Manager Certified with E-Business Suite 12

New Consolidated Update Patch for OA Framework 12.1.3 Now Available

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud: The Foundation for Private CloudsIn conjunction with a standardized infrastructure strategy, cloud computing can reduce IT cost and complexity while increasing IT’s ability to quickly respond to changing business needs. As companies analyze the value of cloud computing technologies and services, many have built strategies designed to maximize the benefits of private clouds. Read More...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for Week of 20-MAY-2011


Over at
shutdown there's a handy rundown on: How to call an external C function from within Oracle.

As they say in the commercials: Closed track. Professional driver. Attempt at the risk of life and limb.

Well, perhaps not that dire, but remember that you are working in an area of the DB that is fairly exotic and the errors you encounter may be equally abstruse, particularly if you don't document everything well.

Over at
Charles Hooper's Oracle Notes we have nice techie exploration of Large Page Support or Not – ORA_LPENABLE, Granule Size.


Henrik on Java lets us know that JRockit is Now Free (and Other Java License Updates). There's fine print, and there are still some things that have fees, so please read through everything before you get really excited about this.

Also in the realm of Java, Arun Gupta,
Miles to go ... blog gives us some info on: Oracle GlassFish Server Control - What's in it for you ?


Storage Mojo blog has a good rundown on the evolution and current status of flash memory in enterprise computing: Flash and the re-architecting of storage.


Dimitri Gielis has found some semi/undocumented improvments on charting in APEX at his blog: (Oracle Application Express - APEX): APEX 4.1 - Chart improvements.


Tim Tow continues a very popular discussion: Essbase API - Ephemeral Port Issues/Resources.


Rittman Mead fills us in on Some New Features in BI Publisher


Ants...they're not just for picnics anymore. Demo of Ant scripts for Oracle SOA Suite 11g code deployment at the
IPN Web Blog.


PHP and Oracle: Christopher Jones blog tells us all about: Oracle Tuxedo: A New way to Run PHP Applications


This week at Oracle E-Business Suite Technology

Database Migration using 11gR2 Transportable Tablespaces Now Certified for EBS 12

TDE Tablespace Encryption Certified with E-Business Suite

New Whitepaper: Extending E-Business Suite 12.1.3 using Oracle Application Express

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

The May / June issue of Oracle Magazine is now available. Learn about Exadata, storage indexes and more at:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram This Week - 11-MAY-2011

(This is a restored copy of the Infogram for this week. The original was lost in the recent Blogger outage).


A quick but handy hint on finding out the NLS_LANG_IN_SQLPLUS at Laurent Schneider's blog: What is the current setting of NLS_LANG in sqlplus?


The excellent Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog is back. Here are their recent updates:

Portal Certified with E-Business Suite on AIX and Windows

Database Certified with EBS on Nine Additional Platforms

Oracle Database 11gR2 Certified with EBS on Microsoft Windows

Also in the realm of EBS, please look over: Patch Requirements for Extended Support of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 (MOS Doc ID 883202.1)


Have you been waiting to work with encrypted tablespaces in GoldenGate? Well the release you've been waiting for is out asMiladin Modrakovic's Oraclue blog lets us know: Oracle GoldenGate version released.


Okay, so Glenn Fawcett is saying: Exadata drives exceed the laws of physics… ASM with intelligent placement improves IOPS. I didn't react to the IOPS, but I love working for a company that plays fast and loose with the laws of physics. Of course perhaps it comes down to quantum physics, in which case all bets are off and your transaction is both committed and not committed until you look at the log and collapse the timeline. Exadata is just darned fast. I think that's the key message here.


A great series is ongoing at Inside Oracle APEX by Patrick Wolf: APEX 4.1 – Error Handling Improvements – Part 1 |


Some information on a future release of MySQL from Oracle starts work on MySQL 5.6


Several good postings on BI lately, starting with a couple from Rittman Mead:

Real-time BI: An Introduction

And an announcement from the same blog: Oracle BI EE – Released and Available for Download, with the iPad app following on its heels here at oracle business intelligence obiee 101: OBIEE11Gr5 iPad app available

And finally a contest at Tim Tow's Hyperion Blog: Do You Have A Killer EPM Application? that I want to get the word out on.


I've been researching identity management and SSO for a client using Oracle SOA.

Here are some good blogs and discussions I've found:

Oracle FAQ on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Oracle Access Manager

Oracle SOA, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle Service Registry, ADF

Readers Question >> What is difference between SSO , OSSO , OAM SSO

OTN Thread: OAM SSO integration with BPEL Worklist

PeopleSoft Long Term Investment Plan and Roadmap on MOS

The PeopleSoft Long Term Investment Plan and Roadmap [ID 1320581.1] contains valuable information about features and enhancements planned for future PeopleSoft releases in Oracle PeopleSoft applications.
The PeopleSoft Statement of Direction document discusses the release schedule for PeopleSoft Application Suite over the next five years, including both off-cycle deliverables and Feature Packs that are in addition to the current PeopleSoft release as well as the next two major PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleSoft 9.3 releases.

The Update and Investment document discusses:
- Customer adoption of PeopleSoft 9.1
- PeopleSoft Investment strategies and roadmap
- Co-existence between PeopleSoft and Oracle Fusion applications

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for this Week: 04-MAY-2011

Upgrade Advisors Page

This is a great page to include in favorites over at MOS:

Oracle Support Upgrade Advisors (Doc ID 250.1)

And here are a few specific links to work with on various EBS products:

12.1.3 FIN RPL(AP)





RDBMS Internals

Tanel Poder brings us yet another extremely useful discussion of things internal:

Oracle hidden costs revealed, part 1 – Does a batch job run faster when executed locally?

And for those of you who prefer staying several layers down the stack in starting an investigation (or pursuing it to its logical end), the Latch, mutex and beyond blog dives into the depths of “Cursor: pin S” mutex contention testcase and diagnostics tools.


Middleware magic is fast becoming a favorite blog of mine. Here's another useful posting from them:
Setting-up a WebLogic Cluster that spans Multiple Machines


A blog that has long been established as a favorite is Rittman Mead Consulting, who bring us this item in a series from their recent archives: Oracle BI EE 11g – Decoding Essbase Connectivity – Part 5 – Security.

Oracle and the iPad

Since I do a major portion of the link gathering for the Infogram on an iPad, this kind of article over at Betanews catches my eye: Oracle updates Business Intelligence with iPad in mind


The April issue of the MySQL newsletter is viewable on the Web here: MySQL Newsletter for April 2011.

Sun, Exadata and OS

A few nice items wandering the blogosphere in the realm of Sun, first off, as the Oracle Technology Network Blog (aka TechBlog) tells us, OTN is holding its first Sysadmin Day.

There's a new whitepaper out for you to peruse: Protecting Oracle Exadata with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: Configuration Best Practices.

And if you are not exhausted by all the surfing from the OTN blog and the technical details of that whitepaper, you can get a sizable chunk of a book on DTrace here: Dtrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

From Tom Kyte

Tom Kyte recommends a tool produced by a blogger we often link to here, Tyler Muth. He has good things to say about his AWR Formatter. Also of interest is a positive review on the book Expert Oracle Applications Express. It isn't out yet, but you can place pre-orders. Read all about 'em at Tom Kyte's blog.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

Here is a handy document for the features of My Oracle Support, Note:733242.5. Be sure to check out the section on Power Views.

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