Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Priority Service Infogram for 24-APR-2013

Better Life Through Unix

At jarneil, The thoughts of Jason Arneil, a really elegant way to recover an accidentally dropped datafile (all caveats apply, as the author points out). This is a good reminder that in this age of GUIs and apps, the power of Unix commands and Unix scripting is still going to come to the rescue if you know a few secrets: Recovering from rm -rf on a datafile.


Continuing last week’s discussion of man in the middle attacks: Anatomy of a phish - how to spot a Man-in-the-Middle attack, and other security tips, from nakedsecurity.

At CSO: Social engineering in penetration tests: 6 tips for ethical (and legal) use.. Some of the most succesful security attacks in history have been pulled off using social engineering (not to mention a zillion movie scenes: “These are not the droids you are looking for”). It helps the good guys to use them to test employees, but this article points out some of the perils, particularly the litigious ones.


At Oracle related stuff: ASM AU Size And LMT AUTOALLOCATE.

At the Oracle EMEA Value-Added Distributor News blog: a New Resource Kit: Advanced Data Compression.

And at James Morle's Blog:





At Cameron's Blog For Essbase Hackers: Going under the covers with TRACE_MDX.



From Service Technology Magazine: Industrial SOA.


At the OTN Garage: Eight Cylinders of Virtualization. I think it's like The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, but in a V8 version.

Web Services

Data Integration


At the DZone Performance Zone: Rotating MySQL slow logs safely.

...And Finally
Looks like the lasers are deployed and the disrupters are in the wings: Open-air plasma device could revolutionize energy generation, US Navy’s weaponry

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Technology Network has a wide array of technical articles on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Performance and more.  Bookmark this handy link:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 17-APR-2013


How to track MDX queries against Essbase at the Business Analytics - Proactive Support blog.


Ops Center

At The Ops Center blog: a how to on Migrating Virtual Machines.


From Scott Pack at Solving NFS Mounts at Boot Time.


At the Oracle Database blog a great listing of what the old Whole Earth Catalog called 'access to tools': Useful Commands and Information.


From TANEL PODER'S BLOG: IT & MOBILE FOR GEEKS AND PROS: Oracle Database 11.2 Upgrade and Migration slides.

SQL Developer


Who knows more about hacking, espionage than FSB-sponsored security genius Eugene Kaspersky?He explains a key concept: What is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack?

And of course an announcement on Java: Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2013.

ZFS and Linux

Big Data

I usually stick to purely technical articles for the Infogram, but our announcement of a couple of new products is causing a lot of buzz in both the technical and business communities (like this one at Yahoo: Oracle Announces New In-Memory Applications and Faster Performance for All Oracle Applications on Oracle Engineered Systems.), so here is our announcement: New Additions to the Oracle Big Data Appliance Product Family Help Customers Jumpstart Initial Big Data Projects and Scale More Cost-Effectively.

...And Finally

I have a great interest in the digital singularity, so this item really got my attention: DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’Brains. At National Defense Magazine.

Speaking of The Singularity, part of the concept is a smoother interface between artificial and 'biological' intelligence. Here's an exciting new step in that direction: A video game that teaches how to program in Java, at Kurzweil.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Siebel Versus Salesforce - Faceoff
For an interesting article comparing Siebel and Salesforce, check out:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 10-APR-2013


From the Oracle Fusion Applications blog: How Floating IP's Work During Fusion Apps Server Migration.


Faulty SOAP? I was researching an error for a customer and came across this handy article at SOAP Fault.


and from Oracle's Linux Blog: Reasons You Should Consider Migrating From SUSE Linux (SLES) to Oracle Linux. Now they don't mention this as a reason, but I think that since the editor of the Infogram is both an Oracle employee and an Oracle stockholder, you should really make the move.

And if all that didn’t convince you, here’s more help from OTN Garage: Migrating to Oracle Linux: How to Identify Applications To Move



Over at Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques: Deploying the Oracle GoldenGate Plug-in on OEM 12c Cloud Control. A nice step by



At BI & Analytics Pulse, a new white paper: Big Data Analytics - Advanced Analytics in Oracle Database.

Web Services

Amazon recently made some changes as shared by TechCrunch: AWS Scales Relational Database Service By Tripling Storage And IOPs.


At Oracle CRM EMEA Partner Community, something customers have been looking for quite a while: Oracle Fusion CRM - Lotus Notes integration solutions by iEnterprises.



…And Finally

I’m a Navy vet, so this article about our new laser weapon made me smile: The future is now: Navy to deploy lasers on ships in 2014. I mean come on, when someone’s son or daughter comes home from boot camp and tells mom and dad what they’re going to be, and it’s: ‘Laser Weapon Technician’, that is just too cool. There are a few problems, like fog and mirrors, but it’s a great start. I imagine the opposition is already engineering their countermeasure, known as the RBM (Really Big Mirror) defense system.

In the ironic-stuff-that-was-inevitable department: National Vulnerability Database taken down by vulnerability-exploiting hack published over at ArsTechnica.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Advisor Webcasts
Oracle has many Advisor Webcasts available to assist with your learning needs.  Subject matter experts prepare these presentations and deliver them through WebEx. Topics include information about Oracle support services and products.

There are currently two types of Advisor Webcasts,

1. Product specific webcasts, which share best practices, troubleshooting guidance, release information , and

2. Support Tools and Processes Webcasts, designed to help you better utilize Oracle's support tools and procedures.

If you prefer to read about current events, Oracle Premier Support News provides you information, technical content, and technical updates from the various Oracle Support teams. For a full list of Premier Support News, go to My Oracle Support and Document ID 222.1

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infgoram for 04-APR-2013

Oracle OpenWorld






Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support lets us know about the: NEW YouTube Channel for Oracle E-Business Suite!

SQL Developer

At That Jeff Smith's blog: Oracle SQL Developer: What’s Next?



Hot off the tickertape from Oracle WebCenter Alerts: Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 (

From RedStack, an announcement on What’s new in BPM (PatchSet 6).

Chris Warticki lets us know about: OAM certification with EBS 11i.

Upgrading OBIEE to, from Rittman Mead.

Backup (and Recovery, Hopefully)

From the SQL Rockstar, Thomas Larock: HOW TO SURVIVE ANY DATABASE DISASTER. I believe it involves hoarding lots of canned goods and digging a hole.

Data Warehousing

The Data Warehouse Insider fills us in on: Three Little Hive UDFs: Part 1.


On YouTube, someone who looks exactly like how you picture a UNIX engineer (except for the lack of suspenders): Why Engineering Did Not Provide a Direct Upgrade Path to Oracle Solaris 11.


At Oracle Technology Network's Blog: What You're Watching: Top Ten OTN Videos.

From Cary Millsap: And now, ...the video about The Method R Profiling Ecosystem.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Support Videos
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