Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Have your errors emailed to your from the WLS log? Yes, you can do that. James Bayer's blog has a posting on it.


This week at the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology

Update #1: EBS Plans for 64-bit Windows 7 Clients

Link Sysadmin Primer: Oracle Identity Management 11gR1


OpenWorld is growing on the horizon, as the Real World Performance Group reminds us on the Structured Data blog.


The Ritmann Mead blog continues its excellent series on OBIEE 11gR1: OBIEE 11gR1 : Incremental Patches to the RPD.


Cary Millsap cavalierly uses an example from elementary school fractions to explain clear thinking. I say cavalierly, because he assumes I remember elementary school fractions (I think I was in remedial shop class that year, rebuilding the shop after the the notorious bird house incident the year before. I'm not a handyman. If I install a towel rack we end up having to call in the fire department).

It's still a good read, as are all Cary's posts: Thinking Clearly is more important than the Right Answer.


Looks like there's another book out there to help you along. The SOA Suite 11g R1 Developers Guide announced at the SOA@Oracle SCA, BPEL, BPM & Service Bus blog (that blog name needs more acronyms, perhaps a fake one in the middle to see if people are paying attention).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration Points for 9.1 (Hosted HTML and PDF)

The following link will take you to our PeopleSoft Hosted Enterprise Intergration Point Diagrams site. This interactive site will allow you to view various levels of our Enterprise Intergration Point Diagrams and search on specific criteria. PDF versions of the diagrams are also available on the site. HCM 9.1 is available, other product lines coming soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business Intelligence and Warehouse Builder

Deriving and Sharing Business Intelligence Metadata
By Mark Rittman
Learn how to integrate Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 2 information with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Oracle Warehouse Builder Product Roadmap
For the benefit of existing and prospective Oracle customers and partners, this data sheet reviews Oracle Warehouse Builder’s history, current success, and the direction of future releases.

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New this week at the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:

Wondering about the path of MySQL since the merger? Here's the official you betcha Oracle corporate page on it. (Thought I was going to lay out some secret and controversial link, didn't you?).




On the wonderfully named Oracle Related Stuff blog we have some handy reminders on limitations of compression. I would also remind you that GoldenGate still does not support compression, but we are working on it.


Over at the PeopleSoft/Oracle blog there's a link to Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Hosted PeopleBooks.


OpenWorld is right around the corner, and some of the presenters of interest to the performance world are publishing their sessions. If it's anything like the conferences I've attended in the past you'll want to clone yourself to attend all the sessions you are interested in. Here's a posting with scheduling info from the Striving for Optimal Performance blog.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

Got RAC? Here is a handy note full of links to how-tos and best practices Note:810394.1

Thursday, July 15, 2010

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James Bayer's Blog has a great posting on measuring the time of various stages of the flow of client requests through WLS: WebLogic Server Screencasts - Where does the time go?


Ranzal & Associates Weblog continues a good practical series on ORACLE HYPERION CALC MANAGER – Part 2 – Creating a Planning Rule

Have some legacy add-in VBA hanging around and you haven't been able to sell it on either EBay or Craigslist and instead have decided to move it to a Smart View VBA add-in? The Essbase Labs blog may be able to help you out: Converting Legacy Add-in VBA to Smart View Add-in VBA


The Ritmann Mead Consulting blog has an excellent batch of articles on OBIEE 11gR1. Start with this one and you can work backward: New Visualizations, Dashboard Controls and Interactions


This week at the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:

WebCenter 11g ( Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12

Critical Patch Update for July 2010 Now Available

RDBMS Internals

Tanel Poder is always to be depended on to give you the keys to the kingdom on Oracle internals, that dangerous and exciting realm of exploring inside the black box of our code. And here's a valuable exploration tool: The full power of Oracle’s diagnostic events, part 2: ORADEBUG DOC and 11g improvements

Data Warehouse

Keith Laker over at The Data Warehouse Insider blog breaks out his crystal ball for a spin aorund the future of analytics: The Next Evolutionary Step - Analytical Connectivity

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

Virtualization is the process of abstracting computing resources such that multiple operating system and application images can share a single physical server, bringing significant cost-of-ownership and manageability benefits. Learn more at Oracle's Virtualization Center.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Here's a handy post from the PeopleSoft Corner blog: Single Pay Vouchers - Let Excel Key Them In For You! You're going to have to test this thoroughly, of course. Macros are very cool and powerful, but there is sometimes a horrible moment when you realize that the macro is broken but is not failing, it's continue to move right on, changing away, like a runaway train. But since this is a single transaction macro the train doesn't have far to run.


The Oracle Notes blog has a fairly extensive set of Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices and Tips. I'd love to see comments from our user community. Can anyone corroborate the blog posting? Any areas you think are off the mark or particularly valuable?


The latest links from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:

Latest DSTv14 Timezone Patches Available for E-Business Suite

Database 10gR2 Certified with E-Business Suite


The in 2 Hyperion blog answers the question: Why is the maximum number of returnable rows in SmartView only 5,000?

This looks like something a lot of Hyperion techies are going to want to play with. Tim Tow has posted the code for his Essbase Outline Performance Testing - Do It Yourself Kit .

If you didn't make it to ODTUG Kaleidescope, or you missed Matt Milella's talk on Smart View Extensions, here is a summary on his Essbase Labs blog.


Exadata is setting records and taking names. Now you can get some customization for your industry as we find out from The Data Warehouse Insider: Exadata Intelligent Warehouse Solutions for Industries . I want one with racing stripes and a lot of chrome. It will make server room tours just that much more interesting.


Siebel Essentials lets us know about the Oracle BI 11g: Lift-Off. It's looking like OBI EE lost the EE and gained a whole lot of features.


Here's a posting I like, but I think you would have to run it through more than the usual amount of testing to make sure you got the results you were going for. It's a very elegant idea over at Arup Nanda's blog: Build a Simple Firewall for Databases Using SQL Net. Maybe it's just a classic instance of McGyver syndrome (the same ailment that causes DBAs to attempt to set up a RAC cluster using nothing but 6 PDAs, 2 smart phones, a spool of coax cable and a car battery), but using SQL Net to build a firewall is just plain cool.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

The July / August issue of Oracle Magazine is now available. The featured topic is virtulization. Check it out at:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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After a brief hiatus, the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog is back, with a healthy crop of helpful postings:

Discoverer 11g ( Certified with E-Business Suite

Podcast on Building CRM with APEX

Liberty AV Solutions CRM built with APEX

Listen to this podcast to find out how a specialty cable manufacturer has built its own CRM application using Oracle Application Express (APEX), a database application development tool included with every edition of Oracle Database 11g. Gary Clark, CIO of Liberty AV Solutions, describes how the company leveraged APEX rapidly and easily to develop a Web-based application for handling interactions with Liberty's customers.


A very valuable heads up from Tom Kyte on a change in settings for SQL*Plus in 11g. By default it still commits on exit, but you can set it to not commit. But don't forget you did, or you may have scripts misbehaving.


A brief and valuable posting from Olaf Heimburger: Using OracleConnection in WebLogic Server


The folks over at PSST0101 found a link to a series of lectures/demos to check out, starting with one on combining sections. The versions are a little dated, but the price is right - freely available on the web due to the generosity of the University of Southern Mississippi.


Looking for a good Siebel blog? Siebel Essentials has a good flow of practical, hands-on technical articles. Example: A Quick Look at Quick Fill

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