Monday, June 30, 2008

Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy
Contributed by Angela Golla

Simple, predictable, and the most comprehensive policy available, Lifetime Support helps drive your business success. Oracle's industry-leading Lifetime Support covers your entire technology stack, from database to middleware to applications. It puts you in control of your upgrade strategy so you can enjoy continued peace of mind, knowing that no matter which product release you're running, we'll be there to support your business. More information is available at:
Oracle Extends Leadership in Customer Support with Next Release of Oracle Software Configuration Manager
Contributed by Angela Golla

The next-generation support software platform extends its leadership in delivering personalized, knowledge-driven and high value-add customer support and service. Check out the press release:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hyperion, Backup, RAC, Indexing, Metaphor

Hyperion: Collaborate Attendees Start Sharing the Wealth

Tim Tow is back from the Collaborate conference, and his blog has some good material from there, including this posting on Essbase 11.1.1 new features.

And not necessarily a product of Collaborate, but the Cubegeek blog has come across an Essbase 11 preview PDF with lots of useful feature details here.

Also in the realm of Hyperion is Glenn Schwartzberg's Essbase Blog, where we find part two of the Power of Reports Scripts.

Backup and Recovery

Some ideas on how use a variety of approaches to backup and recover everything from small tables to whole DBs at H.Tonguç Yılmaz's blog here.

RAC and Communal Apartments

To share home or not? This is what Just a Simple DBA is discussing in this posting, along with a pointer to a good whitepaper on the subject.


So you decided that indexing is the solution, set them all up, went grinding through the create index...and the optimizer is ignoring all your work. Why? See the Momen Blog for some ideas.


To round out this week's links, here's a posting on the StorageMojo blog on IT is a factory, the Web is a playground. (tell that to the person who does playground maintenance, but nonetheless some good thoughts).

Performance, RAC, Overlaps, BI Blog

Performance: Statistics

The adhd ocd dba blog has a nice investigation piece on statistics and how they can get out of kilter.


The Ardent Performance Computing blog has some useful thoughts on RAC gathered from the Collaborate conference. Owners of enterprise Oracle installations often get confused about the benefits and drawbacks of RAC, and this article sums up several of them.

Overlaps Predicate

Eddie Awad's blog documents the undocumented OVERLAPS Predicate.

Blog of Note: Dylan's BI Study Notes

A lot of interesting material here on various aspects of BI and related work.

Use SQL*Loader with Named Pipe

Hyperion Essbase Dimension Terminology

Changed Data Capture in ODI

...the list goes on. Give it a a read if you are working with BI.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Contributions by Angela Golla

Read what InfoWold has to say about it's recent lab test of Oracle 11g in the article "Oracle Database 11g Shoots the Moon" found at this link:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flashback, Blogs, Escalation, Complexity, APEX and RAC, Uptime/Downtime


Flashback database is one of those dream features for the DBA - just roll back time and make the waves of people recede from your desk. But it's not a perfect world, even for the Oracle DBA, so read through some of the pitfalls and tips from H.Tonguç Yılmaz in this blog posting.

Some New Blogs

Just an echo from Jonathan Lewis, but if he likes them, these blogs are likely to be in the good to awesome category:

ASH Masters (Kyle Hailey, Graham Wood, John Beresniewicz)

Tanel Poder (who I frequently link to from here)

Alberto Dell'Era (whose blog links show a definite Oak Table flavor).


Escalation is a key part of the SDM job. Chris Warticki posted this some time ago, and it bears reading. One of the best complements I ever received for my company was when a customer was talking about a non-Oracle problem and said: "Boy, I wish (vendor name censored) had support like you guys". Yes, we have our good and bad days, but overall Oracle Support is a really impressive device for problem solving.


Gavin Parish is starting a discussion on complexity and, since his description of how to arrive at a complex Oracle system sounds very much like a description of one of my customer's architecture I thought some of our readers might like to get involved in Gavin's discussion.

EBS and JDeveloper

A couple of good postings of late at the In Depth Apps blog:

BI Publisher: How do I replace linefeeds, newline or carriage return whitespace / special characters


Find JDeveloper with OA Extension patch for Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 11i CU1 CU2 RUP3 RUP4 RUP5 RUP6 R12.0.0 12.0.1 12.0.2 12.0.3 12.0.4


Simple, powerful applications on HA steroids. David Peake points out a white paper on running APEX on RAC.


Gaurav Verma has a handy script for mining the alert log to determine uptime (and the painful alternative, downtime) from your Oracle RDBMS.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The FileStoreProvider and making your job a little bit easier.

If anyone has ever run out of disk space on their Content Server v7.5.x or earlier, they know how difficult it can be to add more storage to the Content Server. Usually the process involved bringing down the Content Server, installing and setting up a new disk, migrating data over to the new disk, removing the old disk, and setting up the new disk with the old drives information (Driver letter or mount point).

With Content Server 10g, a new layer to the file system was added called the FileStoreProvider. What this component enables is a whole new world of storage capabilities for the Content Server. Some of these capabilities include:

  • The ability to relocate files easily.
  • The ability to partition files across multiple storage devices.
  • The ability to have the web-viewable file be optional.
  • The ability to manage and control directory saturation.
  • The ability to integrate with third-party storage devices
  • An API to use, extend, and enhance different storage paradigms.
Please note that once the FileStoreProvider has been enabled for a Content Server, this component should never under any circumstance be disabled as it sort of acts as the File Allocation Table for all your pieces of content.

For further information about Oracle's FileStoreProvider please see the File Store Provider Installation and Administration Guide in the UCM 10g Documentation Package.
Service Request (SR) Tracking To Be Temporarily Unavailable This Friday/Saturday
Contributed by Angela Golla

On Friday, June 20, 2008, starting at 10:00 PM Pacific Time (Saturday June 21, 5:00 AM GMT), Oracle's internal ticketing system will be temporarily taken out of service for system maintenance. During this time, MetaLink's Service Request (SR) functionality will be disabled. This means that you will not be able to report new SRs or update existing ones using the MetaLink interface. SR query and other associated reporting functions will also be unavailable.

Because of the heightened level of support related phone activity during this time, we encourage you to hold severity 2, 3 and 4 issues until SR functionality is fully restored. Please call your local support center with any severity 1 issues. All other MetaLink functionality will remain unaffected. Duration of outage 3.25 hours.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oracle University - New courses

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced XML user, Oracle University provides you this up-to-date course to allow you to get the most flexibility out of your system.
· 11i Oracle XML Publisher Fundamentals (NAMER)

The Oracle E-Business Suite Financials family of applications automates and streamlines all your financial business processes for daily business intelligence that lets you make more informed decisions, improve operations, and reduce costs. These NEW R12 E-Business Suite Financial courses will help you get the leading edge. Sign up today.
· R12 Oracle Financials Functional Foundation
· R12 Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation
· R12 Oracle: Install, Patch, and Maintain Oracle Applications
· R12 Implement Oracle Workflow
· R12 Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals
· R12 Oracle HRMS System Administration Fundamentals - RWC
· R12 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals
· R12 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals
· R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers
· R12 Oracle Financials Functional Migration Fundamentals
· R12 Oracle Financial Applications Overview

Oracle University is the premier provider of training for Siebel technologies and products. As one of the largest corporate training organizations in the world, we offer in-class, on-site, Web-based, and CD-ROM courses that cover Siebel applications, architecture, and functionality. Learn to build, customize, and create with these featured courses:
· Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Build Repositories New (Siebel)
· Oracle BI Presentation Services 10g: Create Reports/Dashboards (Siebel)
· Oracle BI Server Administrator 10g: Build Repositories Rel 1 (Siebel)


· Oracle BI Server Administrator 10g: Build Repositories - LWC
· Oracle BI Presentation Services 10g: Create Reports/Dashboards-LWC
· Siebel 8.0 Essentials
· Siebel 8.0 New Features
· Integrating Siebel 8.0 Applications
· Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals

Learn how Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management can unlock the full value of your organization's workforce with these featured PeopleSoft courses:
· Introduction to PeopleSoft for HRMS Rel 9
· Benefits Administration Rel 9 (PeopleSoft Enterprise)
· Human Resources Rel 9 (PeopleSoft Enterprise)
· PeopleSoft CRM Automation and Configuration Rel 9.0

The courses below help you utilize and benefit from the many JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications in areas of human resources, finance, and others. Take advantage of the accelerated and combo course versions, which cover a wide variety of topics and offer insight into multiple applications in a single course. Sign up today before these popular courses fill up.
· Accounts Receivable/Credit and Collections Combo Rel 8.12
· Product Data Mgmt/Manufacturing Costing & Accounting Rel 8.12
· System Administration Accelerated Rel 8.96
· Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 8.96
· Upgrades Accelerated Rel 8.96
· Accounts Payable/Receivable Accelerated

For information on any of these opportunities, call 1.800.498.4104 in the U.S. or 1.800.510.3432 in Canada to speak with an education sales representative.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control
Contributed by Angela Golla

Spanning applications, middleware, and database management, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Release 4's unique "top-down" approach enables Information Technology (IT) departments to focus on what matters to the business - greater agility, better service quality and lower operational costs. Oracle Enterprise Manager enables its customers to manage their applications from top to bottom - from monitoring service levels to proactively isolating business exceptions before they escalate, and remediating issues at any level of the IT stack.

Learn more about OEM Grid Control at this handy link:

E-Business, Systems Technology

CPU April 2008 Patches Requiring Re-download

Critical Patch Update April 2008 (CPUApr2008) patches for Application Server HP-UX PA-RISC (Patch 6867338) have been replaced for certain reasons and will need to be re-downloaded.

Symptom and cause of issue: Reports failures reported when reports jobs are sent to the server. Errors reported include REP-52251: Cannot get output of job ID XX REP-51026: No output for job.

Workaround if any: None.

Action: Re-download and re-apply the latest version of the patches dated 11-June-2008.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Escapements, Injections, Stacked, Must Read Article

Escape for Developers

No, not sneaking out, Office Space style, on Friday afternoon, but escaping escape
characters on the Web. You'll see what I mean in this blog entry at Aut Disce, Aut Discede.

Injections and mod_security

On a related note, I haven't nagged you about SQL injection in a month or more. Time's up! Tyler Muth covers it, along with some other related topics of interest, in this posting.

Browsing the Stacks

There are open libraries (like the typical one in your town) and then there are the 'closed stack' variety, like the Library of Congress. In a closed stack library you find the book you want in a catalog, then order it through a desk. Unseen minions then bring up your book from the great labyrinth of books. Such is Oracle. You can't just go into memory and find out what you want. You have to call on one of our processes to go into the SGA and bring back the data, right? Well, no, not always. You can dive into that memory stack and snatch books off the tray before they reach the readers (well, at least copy them, not remove them, if you want to avoid a crash). Many high-end products over the years have used SGA mining to get advanced performance information, for instance, with near-zero impact on the system. Tanel Poder, a veteran stack spelunker, brings us the latest of his series (fifth installment) on: Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide, Part 5: Sampling V$ stuff with WaitPro.
Let out that inner geek and give it a look!

Read This to Make More Money for Your Company

The Optimal DBA points us to an article (in the archive with other items of interest) here. Robyn Sands, a genius employed by Cisco, has written a fundamentally important paper on applying industrial engineering principles to performance.
Only read it if you want them to have more money to give you a raise.

Working Effectively With Support - Stellent

When Oracle purchased Stellent a little over a year ago, one of our primary objectives was to make the support transition for our customers as seamless as possible. We were merging one world class support center with another world class support center, but processes and procedures changed both internally and how the customers use support.

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard is customers don't like not being able to contact the engineer working their SR directly. While it is Oracle policy not to allow direct calls to the customer, this does not mean customers can not speak directly with the engineer working their SR. You simply need to put in the SR that you would like a call back and the working engineer should honor this request.

This is one of the many things that can be learned through the Working Effectively With Support presentation. If you are a customer coming from an acquired product like Stellent, this presentation will clear up a lot of the questions you probably have. It lasts about an hour and a half, it is tailored to your organization, and has plenty of time for Q&A. I recommend this presentation for any individuals that may raise SRs through Metalink.

Contact your SDM with questions or to schedule this presentation at your earliest convenience!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Siebel Resource Center

Check out the
Siebel Resource Center on Microsoft Independent Software Vendors site for whitepapers, workshop presentations, benchmarks on Siebel.

Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant
Announced in March and designed specifically for mobile devices, Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant enables sales professionals to collaborate more easily with colleagues and customers—and complete common, repetitive tasks more rapidly—so they can close deals more quickly from the road.

The new application includes a feature called Today's List, which gives single-click access to the day's schedule, contacts, and tasks, including integrated personal information manager (PIM) data and customer information stored within Oracle CRM On Demand.

Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant also enables salespeople to easily share contact and lead information with other team members, and even schedule calls and meetings—all with a few clicks. No need to scroll through lengthy lists of names.

Click here for more information

JD Edwards World

Now that A9.1 is GA, remember to visit our JD Edwards World Upgrade Resources page to answer any questions that you may have regarding A9.1. Download your copy of the newest release today. This is a password-protected site and will require a sign-on and ID. If you do not have one, contact our Global Support Center at 1.800.289.2999 for assistance.

There are new updates available to download for A9.1 Web Enablement and A9.1 Documentation. Check the Software Delivery site to find out what is included in the new updates.

Oracle’s JD Edwards World entered a new age with A9.1, the Renaissance Release. As a result, JD Edwards World customers can now more confidently consider World as a centerpiece in their efforts to align business and IT strategies. Fulfilling our commitment to help JD Edwards World customers protect their investment, by continuously extending and evolving JD Edwards World capabilities to deliver even more value is proven in our Statement of Direction for A9.1.2, the next step in JD Edwards World’s “reawakening.” Building on what was begun with A9.1, solutions for JD Edwards World customer needs are continuing to come to fruition in A9.1.2.

Reinforcing an ongoing commitment to delivering more value for customers’ upgrade and maintenance investment, Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of a new update release of JD Edwards World containing several enhancements to A9.1 Technical Foundation applications.

*Import/export capability has been expanded.
World Writer record length limitation has been removed to enable use of World Writer as a powerful data integration and migration tool. When coupled with Import/Export, JD Edwards World users can now export entire single or joined tables as .csv, or .xml files.
Import/export now supports export directly to World-created spreadsheet templates, reducing several steps in the process of exporting and importing spreadsheet data in a cyclical process.
Use of the IFS (Integrated File System) has been enhanced to tighten security, yet still allow users to set up their own departmental and individual “sandboxes” and optionally force exports to follow default placement configurations for each user.

*The Web-enabled interface delivered with A9.1 has been optimized to accelerate performance for Java server-based deployments.

More information pertaining to the import/export update can be obtained by searching the World Support Web site for Update 8380520 and for the Web-enabled optimization update, A91Web. JD Edwards World customers can also call World Global Customer Support at 1.800.289.2999 for assistance.
Click here for the Update Center

The SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) Credit Transfer Scheme provides benefits to companies such as reduction of bank fees and number of bank accounts and standardization of banking platforms. Support for SEPA Credit Transfers in JD Edwards World is available for A7.3 and A9.1. Listen to the newly recorded Transfer of Information (TOI) to find out more information regarding SEPA. Click here for documentation.

We will continue to offer JD Edwards World customer briefings in Denver throughout the year. See the 2008 schedule below. Please contact Fabio Araujo to register and for additional information.

June 19-20
July 17-18
October 16-17
November 21-22
December 18-19
For more information on JD Edwards World products, training or support, e-mail.

Expert information on services, products, and technologies comes straight to your desktop through Oracle Web Conferencing.
Get more details on Advisor Webcasts (requires login ID and password).

June 17 — JD Edwards World: Using Takeoff Functionality in Homebuilder

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

To provide targeted financial performance metrics and compliance information to multiple stakeholders within the organization, Oracle has delivered Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management and Compliance Console. This new application enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to define role-based views across a comprehensive set of performance metrics to deliver users relevant information within their areas of responsibility. Built using core JD Edwards EnterpriseOne technology, the console extends JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management applications and demonstrates Oracle’s ongoing commitment to protect and extend customers’ existing investments as part of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited program.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requisition Self Service 8.12 now supports a service-oriented architecture using native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business services for the direct connect and purchase order dispatch processes. To learn more, please refer to the Release Notes on Customer Connection.

Upcoming Advisor Webcasts for
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Expert information on services, products, and technologies comes straight to your desktop through Oracle Web Conferencing.

July 2 — JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: MRP Time Series Versus Supply/Demand Inquiry

Get more details on Advisor Webcasts (requires login ID and password).

PeopleSoft Enterprise

Maintenance Pack for Enterprise Portal released

This Maintenance Pack 1 will allow you to apply all fixes released since the GA'ed version of Enterprise Portal 9.0. PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Maintenance Pack 1 CDs are now available for the following platforms:

DB2 z/OS
Microsoft SQL Server
Download the maintenance pack at the Oracle E-Delivery Web site.

Upcoming Advisor Webcasts

Expert information on services, products, and technologies comes straight to your desktop through Oracle Web Conferencing.

June 10 — PeopleSoft Enterprise: Procurement Cards in PeopleSoft Purchasing
July 10 — PeopleSoft Enterprise: Customer Relationship Management - Understanding and Using InfoSync

Get more details on Advisor Webcasts (requires login ID and password).

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle is expanding the first year of 11i9 Sustaining Support to include fixes for Severity 1 production issues. Sustaining Support will also include one statutory update: a U.S. 1099 update for 2008 year-end. For more information, contact your support sales representative or access the Oracle Lifetime Support policy online here.


GOT LINUX? Free LINUX Foundation podcast with Edward Screven
Whether you're already running your applications on Linux, seriously considering it, or just curious about what Linux has to offer, don't miss an exclusive podcast from The Linux Foundation with Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven. Listen to the podcast.

Expert information on services, products, and technologies comes straight to your desktop through Oracle Web Conferencing.

July 8 — Drive Success Through Integrated Talent Management

July 16 — Overview of the Transparent Gateway for DB2

Get more details about Advisor Webcasts.

Monday, June 2, 2008

PeopleSoft Support Advisor WebCasts

Change Impact Analyzer
PSChange Impact Analyzer (PSCIA) is a powerful Tool that shows the far reaching effects that even one small change to a PeopleSoft object can have. PSCIA is designed to help developers and designers assess these effects before they make their changes, thereby providing everyone downstream - QA, Documentation, and most of all our Customers- with a better product experience.
Date: June 16, 16:00h CET/ 10:00 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 min.

Navigating in Customer Connection
Leverage your Oracle Global Customer Support investment by utilizing the information and tools available to you through the Customer Connection portal. This session will provide you with helpful information regarding best practices for using the Customer Connection portal for PeopleSoft customers.
Date: June 10, 16:00h CET/ 10:00 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 min.

Working Effectively With Support
Learn how to save time and work effectively with Oracle PeopleSoft Support. Obtain details on leveraging your support investment and customer best practices. Understand support terminology, tools, and the escalation process.
Date: June 12, 16:00h CET/ 10:00 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 min.

Change Assistant
Change Assistant for PeopleSoft Enterprise can enable you to assemble and organize the steps necessary to apply patches and fixes for your PeopleTools maintenance updates. Change Assistant also helps automate the application of change packages to ensure your systems have the latest maintenance software, and can do so with dramatic improvements compared with manual processes.
Date: June 19, 16:00h CET/ 10:00 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 min.

Setup Manager
Setup Manager is a tool that helps you implement PeopleSoft applications by using a project and predefined tasks to produce a setup task list that is specific to your implementation project.
Date: June 5, 16:00h CET/ 10:00 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 min.

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