Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 30-MAY-2013


At Tanel Poder's Blog: It & Mobile For Geeks And Pros: List Exadata Storage Cell disk summary with cellpd.sql and cellpdx.sql scripts.

And linked from Tanel Poder's tweet-stream: Exadata Patching.

Oracle Support


At the more to life than this... blog: EPM Workspace integration with OBIEE update.


At Rittman Mead: Configuring SSL on OEID v3.0.



Yes, apparently we've run out of computery sounding product names and are moving into the realm of fantasy. I picture a Nashorn as a kind of toned down Nazgul that, hopefully, shrieks a lot less. Turns out it's JavaScript for the JVM. Read all about it here: Repost: Taming the Nashorn (first impressions)...


At the WebLogic Partner Community EMEA blog: Additional new material WebLogic Community April 2013.


At the Identify Management blog: Don't Secure Yourself Out of Business. Don't miss a chance to see Mary Ann Davidson, Oracle Corp CSO, presenting. Her presentations are both creative and pragmatic.



At Oracle Scratchpad, Jonathan Lewis examines an interesting anomaly: CUR Gets.


At Darryl Gove's blog: One executable, many platforms.


At the Oracle Technology Network: How to Update Only Java on Your Oracle Solaris 11 System.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Blogs
Oracle hosts a long list of technical blogs on subjects such as Java, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Database, Security and more.  Go to to learn more.   This is a great way to stay current with the latest Oracle news. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 23-MAY-2013

Oracle Support

From Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support: Some MOS Updates and Changes.


From the Look Smarter Than You Are blog: Hyperion 11.1.1.x Drops Off Full Support in July 2013.

Linux Security

Critical Linux Exploit In The Wild. Batten down the hatches! From OSTATIC.


Configuring swap in Automated Installer, from the Solaris Deployment blog.


Fusion Middleware

From the Certification News blog: Learn more about Fusion Middleware Certifications.


I think we ran this posting before, and I think we will run it again, because this is an outstanding list of WebLogic resources, at the WebLogic Partner Community EMEA blog: How to manage your WebLogic Servers?.

At Middleware Magic: Automate WebLogic 12c Deployment.


From That Jeff Smith: Ever Run a Truncate, Drop, or Delete in the Wrong Database? Yeah, you know that feeling. Been there, done that. Urk!

A video interview with Tom Kyte: Keeping Up with the Latest in Database Technology.


A blast from the past from Oracle internals guru Tanel Poder that he linked to from his Twitter feed: Session-level statspack.

Tanel also pointed to this interesting post on the External Table blog: Oracle Events' Latency Visualization and Heat Maps in SQL*plus.

From the Frits Hoogland Weblog: Direct path read and fast full index scans.

At The Oracle Alchemist: High Performance Tuning Tools, a retrospective on performance tools for the RDBMS.

Finally, from Jonathan Lewis at Oracle Scratchpad: Dynamic Sampling - 2.


And at the The Oracle ADF Mobile Blog: ADF Mobile tid-bits and updates.


What's New in JMS 2.0, Part One: Ease of Use, from the Oracle Technology Network.

Oracle VM

Course announcement at the Oracle's Virtualization Blog: Learn to use Oracle VM's Application Driven Architecture.

…and Finally

In our continuing series of postings on how geeks are striving to bring Star Trek technology into reality comes this item shared by Kurzweil: Scanadu Scout ‘Tricorder’ launches on indiegogo.

Told you so. This will move quickly to market: NASA to fund world’s first 3D food printer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Iron Man 3 / Oracle Engineered Systems
Those of you who have seen Iron Man 3 at the movies may have noticed the Oracle engineered systems featured in the film.  Learn more about how Oracle assisted Iron Man and can help you too at:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 16-MAY-2013

Oracle Linux



From the On The Peoplesoft Road blog: Oracle 11gR2 DataBase FileSystem (DBFS) and Peopletools 8.53.

Enterprise Computing

The benefits of an action plan when managing data infrastructure, from the Pythian blog...and please remember to cc your Oracle team when you do.

RDBMS Indexing

Richard Foote's Oracle Blog continues the discussion on the clustering factor: Important !! Clustering Factor Calculation Improvement (Fix You).


Switching JDKs for JDeveloper/WLS Explained, from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations.

Data Integration

At Oracle's Data Integration blog: ODI - Integrating more social data.


Oracle Retail

Looking for Oracle Retail webcasts? Here’s the archive: Archived Advisor Webcasts for Oracle Industry Solutions.


From Geerjan's Blog (Random NetBeans Stuff): Graphic/Touch Panel System Development on the NetBeans Platform.

…and Finally

Another great thing is on the way, traveling beyond light speed. The problem comes when you get there. The principle of the world remains the same: Wherever you go, there you are: Warp speed, Scotty: Faster than light drives a reality?  from Foxnews .What I really love about the idea is keeping the ship standing still and moving the universe around you. It reminds me of what someone told me once on a submarine when I asked how the inertial navigation system worked. He said, well, in layman’s terms, it doesn’t tell you where you are; it tells you all the places you aren’t.

Unfortunately as we reach 'warp capable civilization' status, we'll have to travel to the find work: Moshe Vardi: Robots Could Put Humans Out Of Work By 2045.

I predict that within 10 years you will be able to buy a mix that allows you to print burgers in your home 3d printer. And yes, I am depressed to say, there will be buyers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services

Seamless data availability, optimal applications performance, and reduced IT risk are critical to business success. Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Services delivers tailored mission-critical support services to help you maintain and maximize performance of all Oracle mission critical systems. Our partnership with Oracle Support and Oracle's engineering teams combined with our unique approach to building a collaborative, long term relationship with your IT team provide a highly integrated approach to helping you meet your complex IT requirements.

Our engineers provide proactive and preventive support using advanced diagnostic tools to help you increase system availability, reduce risk and accelerate ROI across the Oracle stack—applications, middleware, database, servers and storage systems. Choose from a portfolio of mission critical support services that you can tailor to your IT and business needs.  Learn more at:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 09-MAY-2013


Time for my quarterly (or more often) warning on our old nemesis: 10 Reasons SQL Injection Still Works


The Business Analytics - Proactive Support blog let's us know that: EPM is available on eDelivery.



(YABAOAE) Yet Another Blog About Oracle Application Express let's us know that Oracle Application Express 4.2.2 now available.

Dimitri Gielis Blog discusses: Goodies - APEX 4.2.2 included Libraries.

He also does a little crystal ball gazing: Oracle Database 12c and APEX.


This posting from The Oracle Instructor is useful: How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root.

A little peek into the possible future of clustering factors from Richard Foote, the indexing guru: Important !! Clustering Factor Calculation Improvement (Fix You).

A good hands-on technical article over at Oracle DBA--Tips and Techniques: 11g Data Guard Cascading Standby Database.

Eddie Awad pointed out this really valuable item over at Ask Tom, Tom Kyte's perennially awesome Q&A on all things Oracle: Walid -- Thanks for the question regarding "advantage of private synonyms over public synonyms", version 11.2.

At Oracle Scratchpad, some great news. It looks like Jonathan Lewis is moving into webinars. I've seen Jonathan present live, and this going to be really great. Here's the posting at Oracle Scratchpad: Webinars.

Big Data

Eddie Awad's Tweeterization is excellent as always. He pointed to this one: Oracle Introduces Big Data Appliance Applications.


Another great items pointed out by Eddie Awad recently is at Making the Complex Simple blog: What Makes Code Readable: Not What You Think.


At the Fusion Applications Developer Relations blog:  FindingCode Artifacts for Customization (Part 2).

Oracle Service Bus


…And Finally

From the Singulairy Hub comes this fun item: A Box With A Hidden Video Camera Documents Journey Through The Mail.

At io9, Old Spock battles New Spock in the greatest car commercial ever. You don’t have to be a Trekkie to get all the gags in this, but it definitely helps. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 01-MAY-2013


Exalogic: System Administrator-Friendly Software at Oracle Exalogic, the Exalogic Elastic Cloud product management blog.




From TECHSOURCE, the Linux version of the seven deadly sins. Only the karma on these is more immediate. For goodness’ sake don't try this at home. And don't try it at work. Find a Linux box you don't like and check out: The 7 Deadly Linux Commands...if you dare.


From the Striving for Optimal Performance blog: ITL Deadlocks (script). Or, how to show people you can break the database without even writing any SQL at all.

Over at Oracle SQL Tuning Tools and Tips: Differences between TKPROF and Trace Analyzer TRCANLZR (TRCA).

Richard Foote, guru of all things indexing, brings us: Storage Indexes vs Database Indexes IV: 8 Column Limit (Eight Line Poem).


Flash drives have been a hot and controversial subject for ages. Here's a good summation before you invest, at the specialty blog flashdba: Does My Database Need Flash?

Mobile Security

Some pretty solid predictions from CSO, Security and Risk: 4 Mobile Security Predictions to Help CIOs Plan for the Future.



The Jave Source brings us the ambitiously titled posting: Everything on the NetBeans Platform.



The Oracle Middleware Blog has a quick but handy posting on a post-upgrade process they had to go through: How to Enable Web Forms Manually.

Oracle Support

The Oracle Wiki informs us that there is OTN Forums Migration and Upgrade right around the corner.

...And Finally

After years of dithering, I finally got an iMac for our home. No regrets at all, elegant, and much familiar territory from my iPad, but there is a lot to learn. Here's a handy set of tips: 10 Awesome OS X Tips and Tricks, at Online Tech Tips.
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Magazine
The May / June issue of Oracle Magazine is now available.  It features articles on Oracle Cloud, SOA and more.  Be sure to check it out. 

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