Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 25-APR-2012

Oracle at the Movies

Yup, we're part of that whole Avengers vibe going on: IT Super Hero: Agent John Smith.


The Infogram doesn't usually do promotion, but a lot of people I respect are giving this company's training high marks. So here is a link to some useful slides on Exadata architecture, and I'll let you explore from there. : Enkitec - Exadata Storage Layout


Rittman Mead is starting what looks to be an awesome series: Extreme BI: Capturing Change with Oracle GoldenGate and ODI : Part 1 (Introduction).


TANEL PODER'S BLOG: IT & MOBILE FOR GEEKS AND PROS, speaks with authority about Asynchronous I/O for people.


James Morle isn't an article a day type of blogger, but when he posts, it's always something that bears reading: Udev Rules OK.


The good folks at the SOA Proactive Support blog let us know how we can start: Extending a SOA Domain to Include BAM.


Have WLS? Like watching videos? Here's the perfect spot: Patching a WebLogic Domain with Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.

Blogger of Note: Eddie Awad

I think I've made Eddie Awad our blogger of note, but it's okay to repeat it because his blog is still awesome and his Twitter feed is equally high quality. 

For instance he twitted this item by Michael Mainguy at DZone: All Java Architects: Read This.

He also pointed out this nice intro to SQL Tuning Advisor at Barry McGillin's blog: SQL Tuning Advisor - 101.

Finally he found this really neat item at the Oracle EMEA Campus Recruitment blog: How important is your body language at a job interview? (Hint: Quivering uncontrollably on the floor curled up in a fetal position is considered bad body language for an interview). 


There will be an advisor webcast on EBS HCM Using Organization Chart in Self Service HR [ID 1449204.1] on 10-MAY-2012.

Crystal Balls

Over at Coding Horror they are doing a little gazing into the future, seeing if the current trend for creating apps that replace websites will continue: Will Apps Kill Websites?


No, not the kind of provisioning that entails bringing enough freeze dried ready to eats for the long haul in the wilderness, this kind of provisioning is for user accounts: Programmatically Provisioning Users via Oracle Identity Manager's Java API over at Systems Engineering 101.


The Oracle Demantra blog delves into an esoteric and useful realm: Partial Database Schema Update.


Did you know there's an Oracle Tax Applications Blog? Well, there is, and there are some pretty good articles to be found there, like this: Where can I find the SDK Documentation?  or this one: Creating a Process Flow in ETPM.


FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) in Solaris has a blog, and there you can find useful postings like this: How to Find If A FOSS Package Is Delivered with Oracle Solaris 11.

Business and IT

Over at Karen Morton's blog, she passes along a link to a Harvard Business Review article on: The Magic of Doing One Thing At A Time

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

Oracle OpenWorld High Availability Presentations

Check out the wide array of HA presentations from Oracle OpenWorld.  They can be downloaded from here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 18-APR-2012

Oracle Critical Patch Update - April 2012

The Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2012 was released on April 17th, 2012. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible. Please note that Sun products are included in this Critical Patch Update.

The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes a list of products affected, pointers to obtain the patches, a summary of the security vulnerabilities, and links to other important documents. Supported Products that are not listed in the "Supported Products and Components Affected" Section of the advisory do not require new patches to be applied.

Also, it is essential to review the Critical Patch Update supporting documentation referenced in the Advisory before applying patches, as this is where you can find important pertinent information.

Critical Patch Update Advisories are available at the following location:

Oracle Technology Network:

The Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2012 is available at the following location:

Oracle Technology Network:

The next four Critical Patch Update release dates are:

  • July 17, 2012
  • October 16, 2012
  • January 15, 2013
  • April 16, 2013


At the cheerfully named A Sunny Commune - Cheng's Blog we found a valuable looking technique for GlassFish: GlassFish-to-GlassFish Remote EJB Invocation.


Charles Hooper discusses an interview question and is looking for an answer...but only after a couple of weeks pass so everyone can have a look: Extents of an Oracle Database DBA’s Knowledge Base.


The Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience blog points the way to: Excellent Optimizer Statistics articles.

SQL Developer

That Jeff Smith (that exact one), tells us How to Disable ‘Save Password’ in Oracle SQL Developer.


Even the author of the So Many Oracle Manuals, So Little Time blog admits this is a fairly tenuous connection, but anything that combines SQL, one of my favorite computer entities, with the Hitchhikers Guide, one of my favorite novels/radio shows/films, etc. has got to go in the blog: Part 1: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to SQL: Lateral derived tables and other alternatives to GROUP BY


Kevin Closson, long one of this blog's favorite bloggers, ran a much lauded posting on: Critical Analysis Meets Exadata.

Oracle TimesTen

A positive view from the Oracle BI By Bakboord blog: Oracle TimesTen for Oracle Exalytics.

Whole Lot of Siebel Links Goin' On

Some great resources here, courtesy of the Oracle BI Publisher Blog: All things Siebel.


From The Middle Tier: How to show/hide operators in adf:query advanced mode.


Oracle to Hold MySQL Connect Conference in San Francisco September 29 and 30, 2012.

Resource for Oracle Subscriptions

The newsletter I found the MySQL conference above, along with a cornucopia of other subscriptions for newsletters, magazines, etc. is available here.

Various and Sundry Computerly Goodness

In the realm of generally interesting stuff you may have missed and I almost certainly did are two items:

From Eddie Awad: 10 Interesting Things You May Have Missed This Week.

And at Pythian: Log Buffer #267, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

EBS Data Model Tool
Upgrading to E-Business Suite Release 12? Check out the EBS Data Model Comparison Report available at Note:1290886.1.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 11-APR-2012

Just Out...

Hyperion Version has been released and is available on e-delivery at

The documentation can be found here


Rittman Mead Consulting has started a series discussing Endeca: Oracle Endeca (OEID) – Exploring Unstructured Data – Twitter & Blog Analytics – Part 1.


Jonathan Lewis is combining thoroughness with experimentation as usual over at his Oracle Scratchpad blog, where this week he discusses some statistics problems: Extended Stats.

Database Journal also discusses some of the ins and outs of Oracle stats: How Statistics Have Improved from Oracle 10gR2 to 11gR2.

At Striving for Optimal Performance this week, a discussion of COMMIT_WAIT and COMMIT_LOGGING.

While we are on the subject of performance, the guru of the index plane, the doctor of the btree, Richard Foote, discusses: IOT Secondary Indexes: Primary Key Considerations (Beauty And The Beast).


The Oracle E-Business Suite Communities Blog lets us know about a webcast: April 24 Webcast: Procurement: How to Solve Errors with Receiving Transactions.


Eddie Awad twittered a pointer to a great resource: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 04-APR-2012


When it all gets too much it's time to learn about: SOA Suite 11g Purging Guide at the SOA Proactive Support blog.

Some Recent Additions...

MySQL 5.5 Available on Oracle Linux 6 and RHEL 6

New release of the Enterprise Performance Management System

General Availability of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery


Some interesting material in the Oracle mailing lists on JDK 8: Proposed dates for JDK 8


The Oracle Database Insider Blog lets us know that the latest edition of the INFORMATION INDEPTH NEWSLETTER Database Insider Edition is out. Get it while the pixels haven't yet dried.


The OraQA blog posts on How to do table column based data manipulation in SQL and XQuery.

Utilities Application Framework

The Shorten Spot, a blog dedicated to Oracle Utilities Application Framework, clues us in on some Batch Best Practices and Technical Best Practices Updated.


Andrejus Baranovskis's Blog shows us an interesting approach, learning from bad practices: Bad Practice Use Case for LOV Performance Implementation in ADF BC.


The Aquarium blog tells us how to tune a glass fish (hint, don't use metal hammers and tuning forks or you have to buy a new fish): Tuning GlassFish for Production.


Online Apps DBA has a couple of goodies for us in recent posts: 

Oracle Forms & Reports 11g R2 : Installation Overview and Key Points


Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) for beginners : IdP / SP


Roels Blog is starting a series on: 5 Cool Things you can do with HTML5.

Threats on the Horizon

Finally, just when you thought it was safe for your kids, this comes along from Philosophy News, by way of Jonathan Lewis' Oracle Scratchpad blog:

If You Don't Talk To Your Kids About Philosophy, Who Will?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Contributor

My Oracle Support Administration
Are you the My Oracle Support administer for your company? A great reference is Oracle Support Document 238871.1 (A Quick Overview Of the Customer User Administration Functionality) which can be found at Note:238871.1.

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