Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 25-APR-2012

Oracle at the Movies

Yup, we're part of that whole Avengers vibe going on: IT Super Hero: Agent John Smith.


The Infogram doesn't usually do promotion, but a lot of people I respect are giving this company's training high marks. So here is a link to some useful slides on Exadata architecture, and I'll let you explore from there. : Enkitec - Exadata Storage Layout


Rittman Mead is starting what looks to be an awesome series: Extreme BI: Capturing Change with Oracle GoldenGate and ODI : Part 1 (Introduction).


TANEL PODER'S BLOG: IT & MOBILE FOR GEEKS AND PROS, speaks with authority about Asynchronous I/O for people.


James Morle isn't an article a day type of blogger, but when he posts, it's always something that bears reading: Udev Rules OK.


The good folks at the SOA Proactive Support blog let us know how we can start: Extending a SOA Domain to Include BAM.


Have WLS? Like watching videos? Here's the perfect spot: Patching a WebLogic Domain with Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.

Blogger of Note: Eddie Awad

I think I've made Eddie Awad our blogger of note, but it's okay to repeat it because his blog is still awesome and his Twitter feed is equally high quality. 

For instance he twitted this item by Michael Mainguy at DZone: All Java Architects: Read This.

He also pointed out this nice intro to SQL Tuning Advisor at Barry McGillin's blog: SQL Tuning Advisor - 101.

Finally he found this really neat item at the Oracle EMEA Campus Recruitment blog: How important is your body language at a job interview? (Hint: Quivering uncontrollably on the floor curled up in a fetal position is considered bad body language for an interview). 


There will be an advisor webcast on EBS HCM Using Organization Chart in Self Service HR [ID 1449204.1] on 10-MAY-2012.

Crystal Balls

Over at Coding Horror they are doing a little gazing into the future, seeing if the current trend for creating apps that replace websites will continue: Will Apps Kill Websites?


No, not the kind of provisioning that entails bringing enough freeze dried ready to eats for the long haul in the wilderness, this kind of provisioning is for user accounts: Programmatically Provisioning Users via Oracle Identity Manager's Java API over at Systems Engineering 101.


The Oracle Demantra blog delves into an esoteric and useful realm: Partial Database Schema Update.


Did you know there's an Oracle Tax Applications Blog? Well, there is, and there are some pretty good articles to be found there, like this: Where can I find the SDK Documentation?  or this one: Creating a Process Flow in ETPM.


FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) in Solaris has a blog, and there you can find useful postings like this: How to Find If A FOSS Package Is Delivered with Oracle Solaris 11.

Business and IT

Over at Karen Morton's blog, she passes along a link to a Harvard Business Review article on: The Magic of Doing One Thing At A Time

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