Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

OOW:  Best Practices for Supporting and Maintaining Oracle Databases
Chris Warticki,, Oracle Support expert extraordinaire, will be presenting at Oracle Open World this year.  Be sure to attend his presentation on 'Best Practices for Supporting and Maintaining Oracle Databases'.  You can learn more about this session HERE.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 21-AUG-2013


Oracle Open World is just around the corner and the competition for your time is on. Here are some heads ups on Oracle Linux at Oracle Openworld 2013 - Update #2 at Oracle's Linux Blog.


At Tanel Poder’s Blog: Oracle 12c: Scalar Subquery Unnesting transformation.



SQL Developer


From the ASM Support Guy: ASM version 12c is out




From ArchBeat, The Official Blog of the OTN Architect Community: Podcast Show Notes: Java EE 7, HTML 5, and Mobile App Development.


At the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog: Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x
Oracle VM

Also of interest in this domain: “Why use Oracle VM for Oracle Database” at INSYNC13, at Oracle's Virtualization Blog.

Finally on VM, some interesting experiements going on at Wim Coekaerts Blog: A little sample snmp module for Oracle VM Server 3.2.

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

At the Oracle Partner Hub: ISV Migration Center Team blog: Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance - Brand New


…And Finally

Monday, August 19, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

ACS at Open World
Priority Service is an offering of Oracle's Advanced Customer Support Services (ACS) organization.  If you are going to Open World, be sure to attend one of the ACS presentations.  Learn best practices and tips for how to leverage mission critical support delivered by Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 15-AUG-2103


From Jonathan Lewis' Oracle Scratchpad, among many goo postings of late is this, which I link to becuase it sounds like something you install next to your pool: Bloom Filter.


Oracle TimesTen Software Update Release Availability, from the Oracle Database Insider Blog.


Oracle's Business Analytics - Proactive Support blog informs us that: Fusion Applications Reporting and Analytics Learning Center is live on OTN.



From Oracle's Virtualization Blog: Brand New Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database.


Steps to install Oracle Weblogic Server, at the Oracle Fusion Middleware blog.

More good resources from the WebLogic Partner Community EMEA blog: Additional new material WebLogic Community.



HCM: Introducing the 'RetroPay Analyzer' for EBS Payroll, at the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog.

Data Integration

From Oracle's Data Integration blog: ODI - Creating a Repository in a 12c Pluggable Database.


Nope, it's a product, not what you do at car show, it's Oracle AutoVue, and it has a blog: Oracle's AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Blog. Here's a posting link from there: Optimize Supplier Collaboration without Jeopardizing Intellectual Property.

…And Finally

Okay, this is plain out fandom. I consider Breaking Bad, along with the Sopranos, to be the two best shows of recent history. Here are a couple of links to recent sites related to the series’ return for its final eight episodes.

And, in our continuing coverage of 3D printing, now comes 3D printing fails. The one in the article immediately made me think of transporter accidents on Star Trek, our other continuing them in the ...And Finally column: Art of 3D print failure Flickr group.

...and finally, in …And Finally this week, some real smile makers and tear jerkers in this list from mental_floss:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Database Learning Library
Development has been using the Database Learning Library to showcase their Oracle By Examples, how-tos, tutorials, and more - lots of good free technical resources to help you along. If you are interested in how to develop or deploy multitenant applications using Oracle 12c, or how you can best use the new partitioning, security or management features, the Database Learning Library is a great place to get started.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 01-AUG-2013


The ORACLE-BASE Blog brings us: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c : First Steps…

Jonathan Lewis is investigating many and sundry things 12c at his Oracle Scratchpad blog. One such posting: 12c histograms .

SQL Developer

Preserving Line Breaks in Oracle SQL Developer 4, from the That Jeff Smith blog.


A couple of good recent items from Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog:



A small paper on Performance vs. Scalability by Alex Podelko, recommended by Cary Milsap, performance uber-guru, in his Tweet stream.

Oracle Support

Have you looked at Chris Warticki's #Oracle News, Info and Support page lately? You really should. Good stuff.



Qust a quick hint here from Dimitri Geilis' Blog, but a handy one: APEX Mobile - iPhone 5 Web App in Fullscreen .


At Grant Ronald's Blog: ADF Architecture TV - Developer PC.


VPD Options

Data Integration

At Oracle’s Data Integration blog: ODI - Creating a Repository in a 12c Pluggable Database.

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