Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 29-MAY-2014


From Database Journal a 'who watches the watchers?' kind of article: Are There Safeguards to Prevent the DBA from Dropping a Table?

Several good things, as always, from Kyle Hailey:

RDBMS Performance

At All things Oracle Jonathan Lewis has the latest installment of his series on execution plans: Execution Plans part 5: First Child Variations.

Engineered Systems


Oracle Support

Check out Chris Warticki's useful site: #Oracle News, Info and Support.




From the Business Analytics - Proactive Support blog: OBIEE Version Now Released.



Fixing IE for Oracle BI and Hyperion Workspace Compatibility, from the Art of Business Intelligence Blog.


From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:



This article over at O'Reilly Radar is making noise in the blogosphere: The tools in the Distributed Developer's Stack make development manageable in a highly distributed environment.

Business Computing


At Archbeat the meeting of technology and Chinese philosophy: Kscope 2014 Preview: Data Modeling and Moving Meditation with Kent Graziano.

...and Finally

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd’s Latest Blog Explains Why the Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

Oracle President Mark Hurd has posted his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog, “The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People".
Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd,
President, Oracle

In this new blog, Mark writes, “As I speak with CEOs around the world, our conversations invariably come down to this central question: Can we change our corporate cultures and the ways we train and reward our people as rapidly as new technology is changing the work we do, the products we make, and how we engage with customers?”  Read the blog to find out what Mark says are the three things CEOs must do.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 22-MAY-2014


From Oracle's Virtualization Blog: Live Webcast: Oracle VM - Design Considerations for Enterprise Scale Deployment coming up on June 10th.


Did you know about the The OTNArchBeat Daily? Now you do!


From Kyle Hailey, one of the leading lights of the Oak Table, Date conversions.

From the same author: Sampling Performance Data on Oracle.

RDBMS and Linux




From The Java Source: IoT Developer Challenge Countdown.


Ops Center

From the Oracle Ops Center blog: Help in the UI.

Identity Management

Into the identity management scene? Find yourself thinking of ways to challenge family members to make sure they haven't been spoofed while you slept? Okay, that means you're TOO MUCH into IM. But if your interest is normal and healthy check out Brad Tumy's The Identity & Access Mgmt Daily.

Supply Chain



If you have not already applied these patches and you are on 12.2, please read over this posting from Oracle E-Business Suite Technology and consider applying the patches: Important Updates to EBS 12.2 AD and TXK Tools

From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:


From Panorama Consulting Solutions: Oracle Introduces Latest Release of Oracle Tuxedo ART 12c.


A really detailed rundown on How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself), from lifehacker.


Noticed that the recruiters seem to be awfully quiet and the paycheck a lot more stable than the climate? This National Review article might confirm your suspicions: What STEM Shortage?

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

America's Cup 2010 Winner Comes Home
OK, this is not technical at all.  But, it is really cool.  Watch how they moved USA 17 Trimaran, the 2010 America's Cup winner, to the lake at Oracle Corporate Headquarters.  It involves a huge helicopter:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 14-MAY-2014


From The Arup Nanda Blog: Restoring Controlfile When AUTOBACKUP Fail.


From My Possible Pasts: Index Health Check.


Oracle Multitenant

Recording date: 
Thursday, April 10, 2014 10:48 am

Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Panelist Information: 

1 hour 30 minutes
This one-hour session is recommended for technical Managers and DBA's who are looking into the potential benefits of using Oracle Multitenant . The session will cover some base operations for a Multitenant setup but the main focus will be on guidance to the customization options
Topics include:
* Brief Overview over the Multitenant Architecture
* Customize Oracle Multitenant for your Needs

Internet of Things

Can you say buzzword? The blogosphere is awash in article on the Internet of Things (IoT, as opposed, I suppose, to iOS):

Plug into the Internet of Things - Webinar, from Oracle Fusion Middleware.

The Emerging Operating System for the Internet of Things, from database trends and applications.



From Wim Coekaerts Blog: Unbreakable Linux Network APIs available.



stackoverflow is a very useful site. Here is an Oracle-related example: Connecting to Oracle Database through C#?

Oracle on the Mac


Check out the latest news from the Oracle Applications Users Group: OAUG News.


7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CSS, from The David Walsh Blog, by way of Eddie Awad's Tweetage.


From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:


Are you a data scientist, or strive to be one? Do you need to hire one? Some thoughts from CIO: 4 qualities to look for in a data scientist.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

My Oracle Support Accreditation
The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage solutions, tools, and knowledge.  Advanced accreditation in the technical areas such as Database and E-Business Suite is also available.  Learn more at Note:1583898.1.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 08-MAY-2014

EPM Videos



From the A-Team Chronicles: Oracle GoldenGate: Logdump.


Okay, this article from Database Journal describes how you can do something. I'd be interested in seeing what our readers think about it. Sounds like something you can do...but why would you want to? You can take off the safeties off on power tools too...but do you really want to? Modifying a Primary Key Index in Oracle 11.2.0.x.

From The Arup Nanda Blog: Restoring Controlfile When AUTOBACKUP Fail.



A history of NL (Nested Loops) from the Oracle Scratchpad.

SQL Developer


From the A-Team Chronicles: How Oracle Identity Manager Uses MDS.

Global Desktop

From Oracle's Virtualization Blog: Announcement: Patch Set Updates (PSUs) for Oracle Secure Global Desktop releases.


From Oracle E-Business Suite Technology:

From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog

Customer Service

...and Finally

From Smithsonian Science: Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe. I wonder if you can rent it out for parties?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Magazine
The May - June issue of Oracle Magazine is now available.  Learn about Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, Java 8, Nonstop Partition Operations and more.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 01-MAY-2014


SQL Developer

From our favorite source of SQL Developer lore, that JEFF SMITH: Oracle SQL Developer’s Best Kept Secret: Reports.


An Exadata oldie but goodie from DBA Kevlar: Exadata Optimization Tips.



Okay, we all knew this in our heart of hearts, but Lifehacker finally wrote out the words: All Code Is Bad, So Don't Stress If Yours Sucks.

Oracle Support

Don't forget to check in on Chris Warticki's excellent #Oracle News, Info and Support site from time to time!


From ArchBeat: Podcast Show Notes: SOA and Cloud - Where's This Relationship Going?


From the Commerce Anywhere Blog: Personalization for Retail.



From the Brendan Tierney - Oralytics Blog: Oracle Text and Oracle Data Miner.



Free Stuff

...and Finally

Archaeologist Could Have Discovered the Tomb of Alexander the Great, from World News Daily. If this proves true (and they already found his father's tomb, so I think they actually have DNA to work with), this could be a huge discovery. Of course the folks at the archaeology museum in Istanbul where I saw the 'sarcophagus of Alexander the Great' may find it a bit unsettling.

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