Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 16-MAY-2013

Oracle Linux



From the On The Peoplesoft Road blog: Oracle 11gR2 DataBase FileSystem (DBFS) and Peopletools 8.53.

Enterprise Computing

The benefits of an action plan when managing data infrastructure, from the Pythian blog...and please remember to cc your Oracle team when you do.

RDBMS Indexing

Richard Foote's Oracle Blog continues the discussion on the clustering factor: Important !! Clustering Factor Calculation Improvement (Fix You).


Switching JDKs for JDeveloper/WLS Explained, from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations.

Data Integration

At Oracle's Data Integration blog: ODI - Integrating more social data.


Oracle Retail

Looking for Oracle Retail webcasts? Here’s the archive: Archived Advisor Webcasts for Oracle Industry Solutions.


From Geerjan's Blog (Random NetBeans Stuff): Graphic/Touch Panel System Development on the NetBeans Platform.

…and Finally

Another great thing is on the way, traveling beyond light speed. The problem comes when you get there. The principle of the world remains the same: Wherever you go, there you are: Warp speed, Scotty: Faster than light drives a reality?  from Foxnews .What I really love about the idea is keeping the ship standing still and moving the universe around you. It reminds me of what someone told me once on a submarine when I asked how the inertial navigation system worked. He said, well, in layman’s terms, it doesn’t tell you where you are; it tells you all the places you aren’t.

Unfortunately as we reach 'warp capable civilization' status, we'll have to travel to the find work: Moshe Vardi: Robots Could Put Humans Out Of Work By 2045.

I predict that within 10 years you will be able to buy a mix that allows you to print burgers in your home 3d printer. And yes, I am depressed to say, there will be buyers.

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