Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oracle Infogram This Week: Exadata,, Performance, Hyperion, OBI EE, BI Publisher, Docs on Kindle, VirtualBox, Sun Support, Looking Up


Over at BI-Quotient are a few useful links to Exadata resources: Exadata books, Exadata training, Exadata in the cloud, Exadata for Xmas.


Over at the amusingly named So Many Oracle Manuals, So Little Time blog, Iggy Fernandez opines on the differences between the theoretical flexibility to be found in the works on SQL of Fabian Pascal and Chris Date and the gnarly reality of a commercial RDBMS optimizer. Interesting reading, and the third of a series of postings: Which Query is Better?—Part III (No EXPLAIN PLAN To Rule Them All). The question of how a powerful and pricey optimizer can be so finicky about dealing with variant ways of getting data from point A to point B raises another quandary for me: Why is it my modern and incredibly fast Windows boxes load slower on startup than the 286 AT that was my first DOS machine? I'll turn my iPad on (instantly) and try to figure that out.

Speaking of performance, it's time to make plans for Hotsos 2011:

More information -

Registration -


Over at In 2 Hyperion there is a brief but informative posting on: Why Not Using the Currency Option with Hyperion Planning has Benefits.


The ever-useful Rittman-Mead blogs bring us this item: Oracle BI EE 11g – Managing Host Name Changes. It can be a bit harrowing, so you're well advised to look into it before diving in.

BI Publisher

Did you know there are Wednesday Open Chats on BI Publisher?

Global Customer Support is hosting weekly open chat sessions with the experts from BI Publisher Support.

Everyone is invited to join the customer sessions to ask questions directly to Support.
All chats will be open from 6 am to 12 pm Mountain Time (8am-2pm Eastern, 1pm-7pm GMT).

Ask the experts!

For more information look at note: Open Chat With BI Publisher Support (Doc ID 1220984.1)

Previous Chat sessions are archived in our BI Publisher community where Customers can also ask Questions and get information (like under the Tips and Tricks, and White Papers folders)

Docs On Kindle

I've been a Kindle user since the first day it came out (well, the second, after overnight shipping), so I'm always happy to hear about new items making their way to the eBook realm. Oracle's Jan Greenburg let us know about availability of the Enterprise Performance Management 11.1.2 Documentation Library in Kindle (MOBI) format. This enables customers to download EPM product documentation onto their Kindle or mobile device. For each EPM product, MOBI files are available for the User and Admin guides, as well as, the set of EPM System Installation guides.
MOBI files are posted in the 11.1.2 EPM Documentation library along with PDFs and HTML files. You can access the 11.1.2 Documentation Library from this link:

Important, please note the following:

1. MOBI Viewing: Our files are in Amazon Kindle-compatible MOBI format. To use these files on your Kindle, download the zip file, extract the MOBI files, and transfer them to your Kindle by using the USB cable that came with your Kindle. After connecting the USB cable, the Kindle appears as an external drive on your computer. You can then drag or copy the MOBI files onto the Kindle drive. For more information about transferring files, see your Kindle documentation.
2. These files may work on smart phones and other mobile devices that have a Mobipocket-compatible eBook reader. However, the formatting of these files has been tested only on the Amazon Kindle (Latest Generation). You can find free eBook readers online. For file transfer instructions, see the eBook reader online help or your mobile device documentation.

VirtualBox Images

James Bayer's Blog is one of several announcing the availability of Pre-built Oracle VirtualBox Images.

Sun Support

Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support reminds us of the move of Sun support to MOS: SUNsetting of legacy support apps to My Oracle Support.

Looking Up

You really need to look up from the screen(s) once in a while. Last week's posting on the biggest aquarium in the world made me want to move south to Atlanta. This timelapse of the aurora borealis makes me want to move north to Norway.

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