Thursday, October 2, 2008

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The Machine

The HP Oracle Database Machine, that is. Massive throughput, speeds that cause the time-space continuum to go: Yowza!. Here's a link with a picture over at Kevin Closson's blog. And another link over at the Oracle Exadata blog, another at Mike Ault's blog, and yet one more here. It's big, nearly two million bucks, worth every penny of it, and I'm going to get one to keep track of my video collection.

Tom Kyte Podcast

Tom Kyte always has something interesting to say, and his blog links to a podcast of his interview with the editor or Oracle magazine.

Oracle Community

Lots of updates at Eddie Awad's Oracle Community site, as described in this blog entry. Drop in if you haven't checked it out in a while.

VMWare Tip – Installing an OS from ISO images

Playing fast and loose with VMWare, ISO images, and OS binaries, all over at the Oracle Apps Blog.


They're out there, scribbling away, archiving, preparing,'s the presenters from Open World last week, and 
here's an early release, on Oracle ADF 11g validation, over at the Dive Into Oracle ADF blog.

Kiran Dasari's Contributions:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 Generally Available

23 September 2008

Audience: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & JD Edwards World

What is being announced?
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 with Tools Release 8.98 will be generally available the week of September 22, 2008.

For information on what is included and upgrade tasks, visit
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 can be downloaded from


Workflow is a key item, a core schematic like the panels of a powerplant, time, money, work, results, profit, all are tied into workflow, and the product of the same name. Here's the start of a series over at the AMIS Technology Blog on setting up Workflow.


According to John's Blog, his new Pro Oracle Application Express book is shipping.

Opinion: Metered Bandwidth

There is indeed, no free lunch, or at least there hasn't been since some legendary bars of the early 20th century where free lunch was offered....if you bought beer. So there wasn't even a free lunch then. So now we are at a point where people are playing online games, watching movies, using the Internet as a phone free lunch, the ISPs are moving toware metered bandwidth, the subject of this posting over at the Life After Coffee blog.

BI Upgrade to

Upgraded to Having problems? Make sure you have a look at this link at Tim Dexter's Oracle BI Publisher Blog.

Backdoor Dealings

Sneaking about to mess with SYSDBA, and related nefarious and duplicitous activities are covered over at Oracle Forensics blog in this posting.

Oracle Magazine

Have you checked out Oracle Magazine lately? Here's a link to the latest issue online.

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