Thursday, May 29, 2008

Communications, Data Governance, SQL Detective, OAS for OS, Winds of Change


I've noticed in my years working in IT that a lot of people with an engineering mindset have a great time communicating with computers, but don't do as well with people. But when you come right down to it, a whole lot of non-engineering types are in the same boat. Good article on Empathy vs. Sympathy at the Bex Huff Blog. Part of our job as Oracle Support is to put ourselves in the customers' shoes. It's not just about getting the problem fixed so we can fill in our statistics. We need to understand that there are real people and real careers on the line.

Data Governance

In spite of a title that makes me want to type Data Governess (stern, British, with a ruler for the fingers of those whose hands stray toward creating object oriented structures in a RDBMS), Data Governance is a key element in any organization. Data grows and evolves. It moves from legacy app to current cutting edge app, which in its turn becomes a legacy app. And at each redesign, each conversion, and all the batch runs in between, the data must be 'scrubbed'. Very useful new blog: Data Governance and Data Quality Insider.

SQL Detective

Over at the Momen Blog the SQL detective is in action, reducing the 'slow database' to a query, then crunching it down to size. An entertaining read, at least if you find SQL entertaining to read. I certainly do: The Momen Blog.

Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems

A journey through lands and languages, through memories and experiences, ending in a useful rundown on Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems at Roger Sullivan's blog.

The Wind Bloweth Where it Listeth

Mike Ault, laid off? Yes, as he says, there are changes afoot in IT, and even the rock solid world of DBA employment. The world is becoming better and better connected. That is good, as change usually is. When the winds blows, there are two ways to survive: solid as the oak and green and supple as the reed. Stiff reeds don't fare well, so it's a good time to review what you have and what the future will require of you.

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