Thursday, May 1, 2008 RDBMS Available, JD Edwards, Forums, SQL Injection

New Patchset

The patchset is now available for Sparc64 Solaris and others at Metalink.

JD Edwards

IBM’s Power Systems and i V6R1…Are They Ready for JD Edwards? a useful link over at the JD Edwards Advisor

OTN Forums

The I'm a Simple DBA blog reminds us of the value of the OTN forums in this posting. It's an old cliche that the best things in life are free. For once it may be true! Well, no, the best thing going is Priority Service, but if you already have that, why not use the forums too?

SQL Injection

It's good to remember SQL injection from time to time. Junior web developers (and even some incorrigible senior ones) love to use it because it makes their lives easy. It doesn't make life so nice for those with an interest in data security. Oracle Musings blog pointed out an excellent article at Oracle WTF on injections and their potential for damage.

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