Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 02-JAN-2014


From The Art of Business Intelligence: How to Add Comments in Oracle BI (OBIEE).


From Oracle Scratchpad, NVL().


The ASM Support Guy turns us on to a good script: Tell me about your ASM.



From (I knew there had to be an Oracle ninja. We just have never been able to see him for obvious reasons): Exadata Storage Server Version Released.

Big Data

Big Data - Real and Practical Use Cases, from The Data Warehouse Insider.


If you are working with ADF you are going to want to check out Oracle ADF Architecture Square over at Technet.


From Geertjan's Blog: Google Translate in NetBeans IDE 7.4.


EPS changes in Analytics (and P6 Extended Schema), from the Oracle Primavera Analytics Blog.


From retail TouchPoints: The Evolution Of Retail In 2014. Interesting article, made even more interesting from the news that SnapChat, one of the companies discussed, was just hit by a major hack attack.



Oracle VM 3.2.7 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC Updates, from Oracle's Virtualization Blog.

Ops Center

If you are working with Ops Center this page may be a good place to start: Installing and Configuring Ops Center.


From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:


There has got to be a better solution than passwords. In the meantime, here's some tips on not missing up using passwords: If you think just because you use different passwords for different services you're safe, think again, from ZDNet.


An overly optimistic 'jumping the gun' article from the New York Times on AI: Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience.



If you are a CFO you are sure to find this article useful. If not, I'm almost sure that just reading this article will give you a shot at becoming a CFO (totally not true): Eight Top Issues for CFOs in 2014, it’s at CFO, of course.


An interesting new publication popped up on the radar: SbhOracle.

...And Finally

Oculus Rift? Yes, please! I'll put in my order when this is out, hopefully about the same time Philip Rosedale is starting the alpha for his new VR project; a follow on to Second Life, his first project in the realm: Virtual reality just got real: Could the Oculus Rift change the way we play, work and learn? from the Independent.

Some spiffy stuff here, some amusing things. I particularly like the electric car race. Faster than you would expect…only you have to buy a new car for every twenty minutes of race: The year ahead: ten amazing science and technology innovations coming up in 2014, from the Telegraph.

We don't have those flying cars the old sci-fi stories and Popular Mechanics used to promise, but this helps to make up for it: Self-Cleaning Dishes Never Need a Dishwasher or a Sponge, from dornob.

At BELLO, the discovery of a strange and wonderful time capsule in Paris: 1942 ‘Time Capsule’ Apartment Discovered In Paris.

And what would an end of the year and start of the next issue be without a ‘best, worst, etc.’ ? of 2013 article The Weirdest Tech Stories of 2013, from PC Magazine.

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