Thursday, December 12, 2013

Priority Service Infogram for 12-DEC-2013


Jonathan Lewis at his Oracle Scratchpad blog discusses Rowids. As always, valuable information and insight.

At Venzi's Tech-Blog a rundown of Oracle 12c background processes.


Data Integration

Some good material here on GoldenGate and data integration. A bit markety and salesish at the surface, but you can drill down to some good resources: Oracle Information InDepth Data Integration and Master Data Management Edition.


The Oracle Enterprise Manager blog brings us the Oracle Enterprise Manager Partner Plug-in News.


Do you want to Review Demantra Patches Released in Real Time? The Oracle Demantra blog tells you how.

Identity Management

Coding Oracle

I don't think I've ever posted any links to The Groundside Blog by Duncan Mills. Looks like a good place. This article connects to a previous one, both on Click History - Access from Java.


SeachSOA sums up their views on Oracle products: How Fusion Middleware measures up for SOA integration.


A link to links from Proactive Support - Java Development using Oracle Tools: Top 10 solution documents for JDeveloper/ADF.



EPS changes in Analytics (and P6 Extended Schema), from the Oracle Primavera Analytics Blog.

...And Finally

From the Harvard Business Review comes this list of 10 Charts from 2013 That Changed the Way We Think. A few that are kind of...meh...a few that are genuinely interesting.

And on the negative side of artificial intelligence is this article from io9: Freakishly realistic telemarketing robots are denying they're robots. The good news: AI phonebots are approaching the point of passing the Turing test. The bad: AI phonebots are a menace and the do not call list the government maintains apparently is totally non-functional. That is at least judging from my lines that continue to be bombarded with bogus advertising calls after several years on the national do not call list.

Free courses – the app. There is an app available that connects you with a wide variety of online free courses. I just discovered it recently and can’t vouch for the overall results and quality, but there are certainly some interesting looking items in here:  Coursera.

Another interesting development in the realm of access to tools is Scribd. It’s been around for many years, but they have added a subscription service that gives you access to thousands of books, along with all their huge collection of articles, for a flat 8.99 a month. They are trying to become the Netflix of books, and I think Amazon is going to sit up and take notice pretty quickly. Their collection of books is scales of magnitude smaller than Amazon, but you can read as much as you like for one price. Maybe Amaon should think of extending their Prime borrowing books program to allow you to have X number of books out at a time for Y amount of monthly payment. That way really voracious readers can keep a steady flow of volumes loaded up without having to buy them and Amazon will have a nice steady monthly subscription fee to use on building out their drone fleet.

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