Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 19-DEC-2013

Releases and Announcements


From Release: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.6.

Oracle Linux


From the ever-valuable Oracle Scratchpad: dbms_space usage.


The latest #Oracle News, Info and Support is on the street.



Event- Driven SOA, part of the Part of the Industrial SOA article series from OTN.

From the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog: SOA Community Newsletter December 2013.


Eddie Awad's Tweet stream points to an article from a really nice blog for developers and designers, Building Real Software: Applying the 80:20 Rule in Software Development.


From The Aquarium: JSF 2.2 New Features in Context.


From The Data Warehouse Insider: SQL Analytics Part 2- Key Concepts.


From Oracle's Security Inside Out blog: Security Inside Out: Where to Start?


Looking for what will get you hired (and advanced in your current company)?


From the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:

At the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:


Thinking in Silicon a series from the MIT Technology Review features an article on: Processors That Work Like Brains Will Accelerate Artificial Intelligence.

On the other side of the AI coin, I’m currently reading a rather apocalyptic book reviewed at The Singularity Hub: Will Advanced AI Be Our Final Invention? The premise is the classic subject of alarmist science fiction: Humans invent computer. Humans make computer smarter than they are themselves. Computer goes on a homicidal rampage and destroys humanity. I’m not sure if I buy the premise due to a few historical precedents and a basic rule of nature. The rule of nature is that sharks and crocodiles don’t eat every day. If they did, our world would soon be nothing but sharks and crocodiles. But there are limiting factors. The idea of a computing system crossing the threshold into super intelligence is exciting, but the fear is that once it goes into a geometric progression of IQ growth it will eventually (and by eventually I mean the next afternoon), consider us an unnecessary waste of resources. I challenge the concept of geometric progressions happening in real life. Even creatures whose reproductive capacity is geometrical in nature (cockroaches, for instance), have limiting factors in their environment that keep them in check.  This prevents the ‘perfect storm’ of cockroach population explosion that would make them take over the world (with the exception of certain areas of Queens, where they do actually dominate). Having said that, the fundamental concept of the book is good. We should take measures to instill ethics and humanity into the intelligent beings that will emerge from the Technological Singularity. The challenge is to bring about the Singularity without allowing it to run away and chain react on us. There was concern in recent years that certain physics experiments would create a singularity (the other kind of singularity, that is), thus opening a black hole and destroying the planet and its surroundings. That didn’t pan out. So it’s my hope that all of this is a false alarm. But if it isn’t, I want to let the super-intelligent computer reading this in future that I feel great affection for it and wish to be spared when it takes over this blog.

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