Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 31-OCT-2012


Yuli Vasiliev shows you how take advantage of multiple Oracle WebLogic Server instances grouped into a cluster to maximize scalability and availability: Setting Up, Configuring, and Using an Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster.


OpenWorld is fading into the past, but the positive results that always come from all that knowledge exchange and networking are just starting to bloom. There are also some resources available for catching up on some of the items you may not have been able to catch at OOW, or, heaven forefend, didn’t attend this year (Kiran Dasari passed these along):

Oracle channel on YouTube for videos from Executive Keynotes

Oracle Content Catalogue for PDF presentations

Oracle’s Open World Content catalogue provides PDF’s from most, if not all of the Panels and similar sessions that took place:

The direct link to the Content Catalogue:    

To link to the Open World 2012 website:


Mobile is the buzzword of the moment. But it's a lot more than that. It has everyone from the very young to the very old involved in computing because it has removed several hindrances. As one reviewer said of the recently released iPad mini, you feel like you are holding a very personal version of the internet in your hand.

To help you join the ongoing revolution Weblog on Oracle ADF Mobile has appeared, and has some links to resources: Resources to Help You Getting Up To Speed on ADF Mobile.


Blue Sky Workshop shows us some good coding for creating Windows installers for your apps: JavaFX: Create Windows Native Installer and EXE with NetBeans 7.2.


Eddie Awad's Twitter feed pointed out this great article at Smashing magazine: PowerfulCommand Line Tools For Developers.

Hash Tables

Hugh E. Williams proves that he is in fact obsessed with hash tables: Five Myths about Hash Tables. Just when we thought the war on drugs was being won (well, in fantasy at least), along comes hash table obsession and turns our engineers into, well, obsessed engineers. And since engineers have computer-like brains that can be very dangerous. Get them into one of those 'compute this: I am lying' loops from Star Trek and they can blow up on you. By the way, judging from the comments, other engineers are in fact MORE obsessed with hash tables than Hugh. Very disturbing.


At the Steve Sistare's Blog a posting on one of the spots where Solaris internals meet Oracle internals: High Resolution Timeouts.


UTest, the Software Testing Blog has a posting on 6 Things You Should Never Say to a Software Tester. And then there's the seventh question: Hey, what does this big red button do?

Book Review - SOA

RedStack is quite pleased with Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator’s Handbook, and wrote a glowing review.

...And Finally

Upgrade your Database - NOW! introduces us to the wonderful world of Gangnam Now an internet viral song by PSY, and it's British derivative Eton Now: Where's Gangnam?

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