Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 26-SEP-2012


It’s almost upon us…Oracle OpenWorld. Here are just a few of the interest area extracts, but first this excellent rundown of tips on OOW for first time attendees to help you get the most out of the experience from Pythian: OOW tips for the first-time attendee …

And now for something completely different...Oak Table World. No, not a convention of artisanal coffee table makers held within the conference, but a group of uber-geeks led by Oak Table maven, part-time Viking and full-time beer consultant Mogens Norgaard: As mentioned at Structured Data OakTable World and here complete with video: OakTable World at the Kerry Osborne’s Oracle Blog.


My Oracle Support

There have been a lot of improvements to MOS of late. You can start reading about them here at the My Oracle Support blog: Mobile My Oracle Support is all New for July 2012 Release.

And a nice thick stack of documentation.

But whatever version of the docs you are looking at there is one recent change of particular interest to customers who may be working in time zones outside their standard office time zone and the like: Auto Detect Timezone.

To change it manually, you can set Auto Detect Timezone to Off and then select the correct time zone. 

In MOS, click on your name in the upper right to get to the  Settings(Personal) page, click on the Personalization link, then click the radio button for Auto Detect Timezone.

To Select a time zone manually, click on Auto-Detect Off then use the dropdown to select the time zone. Be sure to click on Apply Changes to save).


At the Oracle Primavera Analytics Blog: How to automate a monitoring system for ETL runs.


Robin King contributed this great 'getting acquainted' entry at the Oracle Exalytics blog: An Exalytics Conversation.

Relational Theory

Come to think of that, good name for a rock group: Relational Theory. But in this case it's the real deal, with relational algebra and all that: NOT EXISTS in Relational Algebra and QBQL at the Relational Database Theory blog.


A little more clarity cast by example at the Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques blog: CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR and FORCE - some examples.

From the External Table blog a tale with links of that proud breed, the command line DBA: On Command-Line DBA.



Muck about with ADF for free, at AppsLab: Oracle ADF Essentials, a Free Version of ADF.

…and Andrejus Baranovski takes us back to the basics on his blog: ADF Essentials - Quick Technical Review.

Solaris Studio

And Finally...

Future trends coming to your office soon, from Wired: The New MakerBot Replicator Might Just Change Your World

And right after coming up with a warp drive someone finally invented a perpetual motion machine, though they call it a clock: Eternal clock could keep time after universe dies.

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