Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 19-SEP-2012



Stats, and their sometimes seemingly slinky character, is discussed by Jonathan Lewis at Oracle Scratchpad: Minimum Stats.


The Third Party Vulnerability Resolution Blog at Oracle is a good resource for the 'big gaping security hole de jour'. For example: Multiple vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Web Console.


At Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support, an EBS--Technology Stack NAVIGATION Page.


There's a new Solaris 11 book available (Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration The Complete Reference), and info on it is available at Jim Laurent's Weblog: New Solaris 11 book available.

VM and Linux

Oracle has a lot of very technically savvy VPs, and Wim Coekaerts definitely is in that category. Here’s a link to his interview with ServerWatch.


At the Oracle Hardware blog: Introducing Oracle System Assistant.


Apparently IT is starting to run out of names and starting on pejoratives. At last I'd always thought of 'git' as being rather negative when applied to a person. But now, apparently, if you say you are an expert at working with the Git they don't think you mean someone in management.


At the APEX-AT-WORK blog, a bug that is not quite a bug: Check-box bug in tabular form.


At the PeopleSoft Technology Blog a link to the New Paper on the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub-PeopleTools Relationship.


The date quickly approaches, and many of the technologies and product lines are putting out roadmaps to navigate the labyrinth of OOW scheduling:


 (at SOA Governance@work).

Big Data

 (at the Data Warehouse Insider).


(at ADF Code Corner Oracle JDeveloper OTN Harvest).

Linking Up

An update with link back to a larger article on Troubleshooting Oracle Link Server Issue at Pythian.


At the Oracle WebCenter Alerts blog, a reminder about the upcoming Product Support Webcast for Existing Customers: Security Scenarios with Oracle WebCenter Content.

And Finally...

Good news for Trekkies, especially young ones who may live to see this. It seems scientists are closing in on a warp drive.

Okay, we go to warp drive, let's say we travel ten times the speed of light as in this article 'Warp drive' may be more feasible than thought, scientists say. That's the good news. The bad news is that light takes years and years and years to go from one star to another, so we're still very limited on where we can go. And then there's that whole 'uh-oh, this planet we found is occupied and they have big signs all over saying 'Welcome Earth Appetizers!"

And in another realm of innovation altogether, maybe it's just me, but isn't this underground park going to go from neat idea to the police department's least favorite place to patrol in about three weeks after it opens?

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