Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 01-AUG-2012




A posting on Under the Microscope called Automated Installation Services for Oracle Solaris 11 holds out some intriguing possibilities.


Tanel Poder recommends Python as the scripting language to go for if you are involved in things Oracle, and tweeted this page with resources at codeacademy:

SQL Injection

You're heard about it before and will hear about it again, hopefully not over the phone from an irate and managerial voice at 3 AM. It's SQL injection, and it's insidious and dangerous as termites. Eddie Awad tweeted this page over at Java Code Geeks on another aspect of the problem: Database Abstraction and SQL Injection.


Exciting days on MOS as the move away from Flash proceeds. Read about how to get the most out of the changes: The New My Oracle Support User Interface [ID 1385682.1].

Another note of note this week over in the ‘MOS-o-sphere’: How to Configure and Setup F9 [File > Send Email] Microsoft Outlook Integration[ID 1140543.1]


Chris Warticki tweeted about this very informative discussion over at Oracle Communities: The INs and OUTs of the information PUSH. Subscribing to Product Support Newsletters, Hot Topics E-mail, and other cool stuff.


Marina Vatkina's Weblog looks to the future, at least the part of the future called EJB 3.2: If you didn't know what is coming in EJB 3.2...


A value demo from Shay Shmeltzer's Weblog on Monitoring ADF Pages Round-Trips with the HTTP Analyzer.


The actor David Niven once said "After you hit 50, it's just patch, patch, patch." Very true in IT, but with the addition of versions, versions, versions. Here's a few for Siebel and Explorer over at MOS: Siebel CRM v7.5.2 to 8.1 settings for IE 6, 7 and 8 [ID 1066053.1].


Also at the Insight-Driven Retailing Blog, and on a more serious note, some information on EMV, the technology that may soon be showing up in your credit cards and phones: EMV on its way to the US.

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Adding SOA Suite to E-Business Suite in Two Hours

Oracle ACE Jerry Ireland explains how to add SOA Suite to EBS in under 2 hours, including download time, with no worries about possible conflicting technologies. This article is based on Jerry's Top 5 Paper from ODTUG Kscope12. Read the article
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And Finally...

The Insight-Driven Retailing Blog reveals that Amazon not only dominates its market, but controls time and space: Amazon is Amazing.

Eddie Awad tweeted to this article of The 9 most endangered species in the IT workforce. A funny but serious type of article for those who want to stay ahead of the changes.

And for those of you, who like me, aren’t above saving the occasional buck on the red-eye: How can I arrive feeling rested after a red eye flight?

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