Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 23-MAY-2012


A-Team - SOA continues to bring us useful technical material for those exploring the wonderful world of SOA: BPM 11g Deployment & Instance Migration.

Speech, Speech!

Oracle Technology Connection lets us know that Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd will be speaking about our cloud strategy: Larry Ellison Webcast June 6th at 1:00pm Pacific Time

Oracle Communities

Do you use Oracle Communities? If you don't you're missing out. Consider this article (login required): Resolve your E-Business Suite Patching Incidents Faster in My Oracle Support Community [ID 1453113.1]


As an SDM I often research some of the issues my customers are encountering, sometimes coming across interesting, if not new items. Here are a couple of my finds for the week: Oracle Grid Infrastructure Reboot less Node Fencing at the {Unbreakable} Cloud blog.


some of the many facets of the Ora-494 error (there were a lot of articles and discussions, but this one seemed to cover a lot of ground): Thinking in ORA-494, ORA-239 Instance Crashes and Hangs at the Life DBA blog.


Wim Coekaerts Blog gives us the facts on using ovm_utils.


Tom Kyte is tweeting and, predictably, pointing out some great stuff. For instance this item: We Who Value Simplicity Have Built Incomprehensible Machines, at the programming in the twenty-first century blog and Complication is What Happens When You Try to Solve a Problem You Don't Understand at SIGPWNED.

I've always thought that a lot of modern engineering falls short of the 'bad old days' of simple, mechanical and fundamental electrical inventions. Let's face it, if someone invented the telephone after about 1980, it would have required a lot of skills to use. Picture a phone similar to the old Windows 3.x networking world: Pick up the phone, select your communications protocol, make sure you get a modem tone, discover that there is a mismatch somewhere in the dozens of configuration files used to set up your get the picture. Or imagine a light bulb engineered based on making money for lobbyists and politicians rather than functioning and selling on an open market. It would be hideous looking, expensive, dim...oh wait a minute, sore points there. Let's leave that one alone.

Tom also pointed out an old detective story over at Coskan's Approach to Oracle: performance stories.


Mobile Computing 

This brief opinion piece at Cloud Migrations put me up on my soapbox: iPad and tablets - Back to thick client devices and 3270 vendor lock in?

If there is one thing that will get me up on that soapbox it's iPad browser hijacking. I don't know why somebody in their right mind would decide that instead of advertising their mobile app on their news page they should hijack links to articles when they detect an iPad reading the page, thrusting a page that you have to search around to find 'No Thanks' on or be taken to the Apple store and locked into yet one more news app that you will never use. Browsers and hyperlinks are what the web is all about. There are a few magazines and papers that have pulled this whole app thing off  well (the Wall Street Journal comes to mind), but the companies that feel you absolutely have to consume their free news in a sealed-up proprietary app, sometimes denying you the article altogether if you don't accept the hijacking, for those companies' products I reserve a special place in historic 'Failed Product Hell'. They can be right in there in the cave where they keep the old Office paperclip guy, the Windows Vista source code and all the betamax tapes and cases of new Coke. Okay, I'm climbing down now.


Also at Cloud Migrations: The COBOL Brain Drain. COBOL is apparently like  the alligator. Nobody respects it, but it is just goes on and on, living through age after geological age. While more sophistical programs end up in museums, COBOL keeps right on hunkering down in the muddy depths of a million legacy systems.

...and Finally

We find out that Every black hole contains a new universe. Why do I get that dizzying feeling when you find out you are actually in the Matrix? Or that there are infinite universes in a multi-dimensional matryoshka doll, each one odder than the last? We're all going to have a good laugh about this some day.

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