Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 16-MAY-2012

Stored Procedures

Eddie Awad tweeted a link to this useful article at The Professionals Point blog. For many DBAs the idea of using more stored procedures is preaching to the choir. But this article can give you some ammunition when arguing your point in the process of app planning and design: 6 Advantages of using stored procedures in your application.

Relational Database Theory

At a blog appropriately named Relational Database Theory there was a recent posting of interest called A long long proof. If you are intrigued by the mathematical foundation (or lack thereof) of what commercial databases are doing, have a look at this blog. I recomend reading some of Chris Date's books first, though.

RDBMS Internals

Tanel Poder pointed out this blog as interesting, and I trust hisjudgment: Latch, mutex and beyond.


Richard Foote discusses Index Rebuild – Does it use the Index or the Table ? (Nothing Touches Me).


The Oracle Middleware Blog reminds us of a step often forgotten in doing an FMW upgrade: Upgrading Database Schema in FMW Upgrade.


A fascinating blow by blow of a spammer's message header (okay, you have to be a bit of geek to describe a message header using words like 'fascinating') at the Word to the Wise blog: Things Spammers Do.

And at Security Inside Out this week there is a Best Practices for Database Privileged User Access Controls posting.

The Oracle Database Twitter feed points us to a great compendium of Racel security resources: Oracle Database Security technical resources.

PeopleSoft DFW

Increase your knowledge of the PeopleSoft Diagnostic Framewok: PeopleSoft DFW Plug-In Comprehensive Catalog.


An insteresting post at the Oracle PartnerNetwork Blog on M2M architecture entitled Machine to Machine – The Internet of Things – It’s about the Data. It's all about devices dealing with one another. I can't help but be excited by the increases in connectivity that are constantly growing of late. I must admit, though, that I don't look forward to the 'connected refrigerator they always seem to bring up in the popular press on this issue. It monitors your milk and reorders when you run low, etc. Very neat. But I can't help imaging some point when a person comes home from work and is informed by their spouse: We'll have to go out to eat. Why? The refrigerator's been hacked and the bacon has gone rogue and is holding all the food hostage. I'm waiting for an icebox negotiator from the county now.


Chris Wartcki's Blog - Oracle Support sheds some light on resources for those using geospatial information: Spatially Speaking: Conference & Support Resources.

Oracle Linux

Wim Coekaerts Blog has some good things to say about Oracle Linux: building an appliance? physical ? virtual? production quality? use Oracle Linux.


Finally this week, the The ORACLE-BASE Blog discovered that a production version of UltraEdit 3.1 has been snuck out the door.

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