Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 28-SEP-2011

Upgrades and the Optimizer

Jonathan Lewis at his Scratchpad blog goes into his usual very instructive depth when discussing problems he encountered after a 10g to 11g upgrade: Upgrade Argh.


As Amis Technology informs us, there is more than one way to start and stop your 11g WLS environment. They have recommendations on how to automate it: WebLogic 11g start and stop automation.


Over at the Java/Oracle SOA blog there's a handy posting on Base64 encoding in oracle BPEL 11g.


It's right around the corner, with the front already visible, in fact. Oracle OOW starts this Sunday and there are a couple more directories of sessions for you to use:

From the Oracle BI Publisher Blog: BI Publisher sessions for Oracle Open World 2011

From the Oracle Solaris blog: Oracle Solaris at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

From the PeopleSoft Technology Blog: PeopleTools Sessions at OpenWorld 2011.

From The Data Warehouse Insider: Focus On: Big Data at Openworld.

Another event coming up at OOW is the RAC attack. Want to challenge these guys? Tell them to install on a couple of iPhones. RAC Attack in OTN Lounge at OOW11


Okay, I'm going to be honest about this one. I have a varying depth of technical knowledge on various articles I link to here on the Infogram, and my most common depth is 'shallow'. But on this one I know the word 'SSL'. Beyond that, you're on your own. But it does look useful to those working with the same configuration: Using the nsstools to manage SSL stores for curl at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Security blog.

The Appliance, Exadata, and the Fog of Buzz

Buzzwords take on a life of their own. Java is still producing a daunting quantity of coffee-related punning after all these years, for instance. But sometimes there is basic misunderstanding of terms, and Kevin Closson is trying to correct that in this posting about the Exadata and the new Oracle Database Appliance: Oracle Database Appliance–Bringing Exadata To The Masses. And, No More Patching!

speaking of the Appliance, The Pythian Blog has the Unofficial Oracle Database Appliance FAQ


Handy overloading going on here at Triangle Circle Square: Apex Tutorial - Form & Report sharing the same page. 


A bit of IT philosophy as respected Oracle authority James Morle discusses: Right Practice

Science News

The big sensation is around the discovery, so far not confirmed, of particles that move faster than the speed of light. That's fine, changes our perception of reality, measurements of the universe, understanding of time and space, yada, yada. But I'm linking to this article, which is about potentially being able to make recordings and movies directly from dreams. I can see a future profession here. Somewhere out there is someone who has the most interesting and entertaining dreams in the world and they don't even suspect it is going to make them rich some day: (from Gizmodo):  Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment.

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