Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 07-SEP-2011


Time grows short for enrolling in some of the free computer courses that Stanford is offering. Please have a look if you are interested in database theory, artificial intelligence and machine learning, all of which are offered as described at ZDNet: Stanford opens some information technology courses to the world

Oracle VM

ReadWrite ENTERPRISE introduces us to some new VM features: What's New in Oracle VM 3?


UNIX type going to OpenWorld? Make sure you check out "What's New in Oracle Solaris 11" Training at Oracle OpenWorld from the Oracle Solaris blog.

and the Exadata Partner Community - EMEA lets us know that you can Take the OPN Specialization exams for FREE at Oracle OpenWorld!

and from the Oracle E-Business Suite technology blog (more links below): E-Business Suite Technology-Related Sessions at OpenWorld 2011


This comes in the context of exporting and importing a warehouse, but it's really all about a bug involving index creation. Everything just goes peachy....and then the index creation drops from warp to impulse drive. Read about the experience at Marko Sutic's Oracle Blog: IMPDP creates indexes with parallel degree 1 during import.

Invisible Indexes and Exadata

We talked about the intriguing invisible index feature last week, here is an item on using it for Exadata at The Oracle Instructor: Invisible Indexes & Exadata. I definitely recommend looking into invisible indexes and testing them out so you are ready to use them if you run into a performance problem on prod and need to make some discreet changes that won't effect your business application.


Oracle's Security Inside Out blog fills us in on Shady RAT. We're not in Kansas any more, Toto. In fact, we might have spies on the system right now capturing intellectual property. If you haven't reviewed security for a while, now is definitely the time: Shady RAT Raises the Ante on Data Breaches.


Oracle's SOA Governance@work blog offers us a demo on: Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Components Using Enterprise Manager Grid Control.


From the Oracle E-Business Technology blog this week:

Do You Need to Bounce E-Business Suite Application Servers Regularly?

Name (SCAN) Listeners with Oracle E-Business Suite

Java and JDeveloper

Something slips outt, it flies around the house, it lands. You know that's not going to end well. Catching bugs that cause race conditions. An interesting article at the Java Specialists' Newsletter: Implicit Escape of "this"

The tastily named: 'burek for breakfast' blog posts about the OpenJDK bug process: A bug's life

Running JDeveloper and want to hack things to run on Mac? Shay Shmeltzer's Weblog is the place to go: Installing JDeveloper on Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

Book Reviews

A couple of books out of late, and some positive reviews, by the looks of it. First the more general interest: Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters Essentials reviewed at the Oracle Performance and Backup Blog.

Then a welcome addition to a pretty specialized realm, but it's an area that is poised for massive growth: New Book: ECM and Electronic Health Records, at the bexhuff blog.

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