Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Open World

Time to start planning for Oracle Open World 2009 in October. You can start by suggesting topics, as discussed in this posting over at the AppsLab blog.

Oracle Magazine

Speaking of Oracle (you remember them, right?) the latest copy of Oracle Magazine is online. While you're there, make sure you take a look at this article on using Exadata with OWB at the Oracle Warehouse Builder blog.

Oracle Networking

Miladin Modrakovic's Blog: Oraclue has some fine internals material, as always, and one item you should definitely put in a place where you can find it later; Examining Oracle Net Trace Files.

The network portion of Oracle, in my experience, anyway, tends to be 'set it and forget it'. Then, months or years later when something really odd is going on and the accusations are flying between the sysadmins, the DBAs and the network folks, with the managers looking on with their grim 'I do recommend the hiring and firings you know' look, you may need to do a network trace. And Miladin found a good note on how to interpret the esoteric runes of that trace. (And yes, an eight-year-old whitepaper is still valuable, especially when it's written by Kevin Reardon).

Books and the PGA

No, not golf books. First Jonathan Lewis over at Oracle Scratchpad has a thought-provoking article on books, and the times they can lead us astray. There are honest mistakes and then there are some books out there that preach an incorrect approach and call on you to do things that are sloppy, dangerous, sometimes even things that will put your database in an unsupported state. Then you'll want to look at his in-depth piece on figuring out PGA allocation with a script at the same blog. As always, Jonathan is one of the leading figures in our field. If you don't have him on your RSS, you really should. Go to see one of his presentations if you get a chance. He plays the saxophone and improves your RDBMS performance. Really.


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