Thursday, June 25, 2009

EBS, 11g and Access, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, ADF, Storage, APEX


This week at the Oracle E-Business Suite blog:

11g and MS Access

It all evolved over time. In the fog-shrouded past of the 60s computers were giant centralized monsters. People kept spreadsheets on, well, spreadsheets, things made out of paper. Then came the PC with electronic spreadsheet, first VisiCalc, then Lotus 1-2-3, finally Excel came on the scene, gobbling up the market. And that's where a huge amount of data remains, those Excel spreadsheets and the Access databases that evolved from them. So sometimes it is still a very economical and useful practise to connect an enterprise RDBMS to its smaller, less relational, and thus less evolved relatives like Access (notice that I did not use any disparaging terms, much as I wanted to since I used to be an Access developer in a former life, and am now utterly relationally snobbish).

I once worked on a contract where a one billion dollar government budget was kept in Access. People making changes would pop up from their cubicle, prairie dog like, to announce that they were updating the Eastern_region_Input table, so everybody stay out of it! Thankfully, they moved to Oracle a year or so after that point. But it would have been a good interim solution to connect Oracle to those Access instances to start working with the data. There is a handy ongoing series on doing just that over at the Global Oracle Contractors Network blog:

Querying Microsoft Office Access 2007 data from an Oracle 11g Database Part 3:


The start of what looks like a great five part series over at the In 2 Hyperion blog: Hyperion Release 11 Architecture and Installation, Part 1 of 5. This promises to be some very useful info to go beyond the documentation (Yes, you still need to read the documentation. Sorry about that).

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.5

Some specifics on the new features of PeopleTools 8.5 over at the PeopleSoft tipster blog.


Yet another reason to participate in the Oracle Wiki is this link to the Community-Created Watch It ADF Series at the Dive into Oracle ADF blog.

Enterprise Storage

Kevin Closson has been adding to his already invaluable archive of material, and points out a link to a link for Recorded Webcast Available: Exadata Storage Server Technical Deep Dive – Part IV.

Speaking of Exadata, there is a bit of a well-justified bragging article over at the Structured Data blog: Exadata Snippits From Oracle F4Q09 Earnings Call.

APEX Contest

Write APEX? Want to go to Oracle Then you need to make your way to David Peake's Oracle APEX blog, write the best APEX application ever, and submit it to the Application Express Developer Competition 2009.

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