Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Security Tools

The old Whole Earth Catalog was subtitled 'Access to tools'. Pete Finnigan's tools page is like that, except instead of meditation pillows and organic compositing kits it gives you scripts and tools for Oracle security.

APEX Security

Patrick Wolf over at the Inside Oracle APEX blog has a good pointer to a presentation on Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Application Express.

Open World Mix

Oracle Open World is fast approaching. The I'm just a simple DBA blog points out that you can vote for presentations you want to see at Oracle Mix.

Are you a Priority Service customer going to Open World? Don't forget to ask your SDM about the Gold Pass.


The Data UnLoader, DUL, is an Oracle service you can order when the ultimate nightmare scenario strikes, for instance, control files gone, database corrupt, SYS tablespace hosed, Martians landing in server room. Okay, maybe not the last, but you get what I mean. I was interested to read at the Oracle Internals blog about the plethora of tools out there for doing DUL without Oracle's assistance, and wanted to put it out there, but I really don't recommend it except as an experiment. If you're painted into a corner the Oracle DUL is still the best thing going.


Jonathan Lewis has an article on using V$EVENT_HISTOGRAM to get event snapshots over at Oracle Scratchpad.

Steve Karam has a nice history of the application of a band-aid and the subsequent woes therefrom. Good reading for those who've dealt with the evolution of performance problems in the real world and how to deal with them.

The Buffer

That movable feast of technical wisdom and amusement, Log Buffer: #104: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, is over at Radio Free Tooting this go round. Check it out for a wide variety of postings of interest.


Putting on the upgrade boots and wading in? Here's several lifelines from Chris Warticki's blog. An update to his previous excellent posting on the topic that we linked to here.

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