Thursday, July 31, 2008

PeopleSoft, RMAN Migration, RAC Tuning, APEX, Certification, MinMax, Constraints

PeopleSoft Sequence Allocation

There's a nice posting on sequence allocation over at the PeopleSoft DBA Blog

Moving from Windows to Linux Using RMAN

Alejandro Vargas has a simple step with a pointer to a more detailed article on migrating from Windows to Linux using RMAN here.

RAC Tuning

If RAC is cool (it is) then tuned up RAC is niftier than sliced bread. So here is a posting on tuning RAC linked from H.Tonguç Yılmaz's blog.


Forget the internal password for APEX? All is not lost! Use this post and the script to which it leads and then write down the password and put it away in a safe deposit box. But don't lose the keys to the box, or forget the number.

New Blog on Apps

A new blog came to my attention recently, with some very in-depth posting on Oracle EBS. Have a look at the Know Oracle blog.


Several new items out there on the Oracle Certification Blog, like this one on certification events at Oracle Open World.

Min and Max

The Momen Blog has an interesting post warning that we should avoid querying both MIN and MAX functions in one SQL, with plan data to back up the point. My question would be: Have others among our readers seen the same behavior? It's a new one on me, and I'd be interested if others can get the problem to repeat.


Richard Foote, the indexing guru, brings us a second detailed article on NOVALIDATE contraints at his blog.

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