Monday, February 4, 2008

New IM and SQLDev, JRE, Performance, NUMA, Business

Identity Manager and SQL Developer new releases

There's a new version of Identity Manager out there. Get 'acquainted' here.

and a new version of SQL Developer on OTN here.

Eddie Awad has some nice screen shots and new features descriptions here.


More excellent postings on Steven Chan's blog. Today it's Diagnosing Sun Java Plug-in Issues with Oracle Apps on working with the sometimes tricky Java Runtime Engine.


Vivek Sharma encounters a common practise, frequent index rebuilds designed to prevent trouble which, instead, cause trouble in his Database / SQL Experiences blog. The short message, oft repeated by Oak Table members and other guruistic types, is don't rebuild indexes unless you have to. Simple DBA has an article on the very same subject.

And the long silent Ardent Peformance Computing blog has snapped back to life with a nice concise article on Oracle I/O and Operating System Caching.

The start of an excellent series by Tanel Poder on 'Oracle Hidden Costs'. A really good under the hood article that digs in to the network traffic and the trace files.

Richard Foote (Dr. Index) shares some wisdom on the oft-misunderstood bitmap index and a good article on coalescing indexes in 10g.


Kevin Closson has an article on NUMA, with a reference to an even greater depth article (I'm talking ocean-depth) material on CSI (common system interface, not the TV show).


This post at the Zen Habits blog is a nice list of ways to organize a busy, relentless day to be more forgiving and livable. The emphasis seems to be on getting a good start by getting up early and doing relaxing things, or staying up late to work when things are quiet. I can't help but feel that at some point in the IT schedule those two are going to meet, with a night spent working in the quiet stillness of your office melding smoothly into a morning routine of hot baths and quiet cups of coffee..followed by nervous collapse. But hey, I'm an optimist.

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