Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Business in China

A blog on sourcing in China brings us some conjecture on what many aspects of business in China will be in the coming year.


Next time someone tells you how difficult it is to install Oracle RDBM, involving hours of labor and complexities, show them this demo from Miracle AS in Denmark.


Richard Foote, master of all that is indexed, brings us this series on unique and non-unique indexes.



Tanel Poder links us to Wolfgang Breitling's version of a new and improved snapper script for gathering session info in real time here.


Sometimes you can actually feel the ground shift as a new way of assessing and fixing performance problems emerges. This is such a time. See Mogen Norgaard (sponsor of the Oracle nose installation method and founder of the Oak Table) who has posted a link here to an article by James Morle's here.

As Mogen points out, it's been a long time since Mr. Morle has written a book, and we're all waiting for the next one. Let's hope the article at the Optimal DBA blog pointed out above is but a preface.


I somehow missed posting a link to this endorsement by Kevin Closson of Collectl for gathering performance information. (So no, Collectl is not a typo)

Help Gather Data

Would you like to help the Structured Data blog gather data about system statistics usage? Then go over to this posting to run a couple of quick queries and let them know what you come up with.


Pete Finnigan points out an important security reminder on the 'emkey' at the Pythian Blog.

E-Business Suite

Gareth Roberts brings us this invaluable Oracle eBusiness Suite Product and Acronym Listing.

Hitting the Apps Audit Trail

The Apps DBA blog has a series on data auditing in Oracle applications.


This week's updates from Anu Sachdeva:

JD Edwards
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Baseline Roadmap for Calendar Q1 and Q2 now published
Please follow this link to see the Roadmap for Updates and Baselines for EnterpriseOne. Requires Customer Connection login.

EnterpriseOne Manufacturing: Breaking news article posted on November 29, 2007: 8.11SP1 and 8.12: P31123 Super Backflush Null Pointer Memory Leak.
Description: Third party softwares creating high volume transactions for E1 P31123, Super Backflush, produce null pointer errors.
Please see additional details in Solution 201056290 in Customer Connection.


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