Thursday, January 17, 2008



A blog entry on ASM from Christian Bilien with a link to an article on ASM internals with plentiful grotty technical details.


This blog entry is a good example of thinking beyond the obvious to attain a solution. Often when we are faced with a core dump our instinct is to blame the code. But you should always step back a bit and look at all the factors involved: Did we just upgrade the hardware? Did we make key environmental changes? Did we upgrade the RDBMS (as in this case)? In all of these cases we need to make sure that everything works, not just on the surface, but in action, preferably after a restart of everything (sometimes an installer will get the program running, but the next time around the settings that are in memory but didn't make it into configuration files come around to bite you). As always for the DBA, the trouble is not that you are paranoid. The trouble is that they really are out to get you. Several other excellent postings on the Experiments from the Field Blog this week, by the way. Highly recommended.

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