Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 23-JAN-2013


Some thoughts from erpassociates about Changing Your PeopleSoft Database Platform.


Quite a few customers have been encountering errors with their file uploads to SRs. Ms Yin-Jen Su pointed out this MOS note for a solution: Issueswith File Upload in My Oracle Support During Service Request Create or Update[ID 1520642.1]



Middleware Magic lives up to its name by telling us how to do Automate WebLogic Installation and Configuration.


Karen Morton is putting out the word about an interesting sounding Exadata event later this year: Enkitec E4 2013.

At Thomas Saviour's Blog, ITL Waits - 2.
To make direct changes to ITL is something pretty esoteric in the DB. Prerequisite for that kind of thing: Make sure you haven't overlooked the basics before embarking on the adventure of internals. Two rules of thumb that are actually valuable (most rules of thumb are all thumbs):
From the realm of medical diagnosis, but applies in IT troubleshooting: If you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. (Sub-Saharan African rule is the same, but with animals reversed).
IT reality: Eighty percent of RDBMS performance depends on product choices and design; 80% of the remaining 20% comes from the SQL. The remaining pittance is open to 'tuning'.


Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support lets us know about: ATG Live Webcast Jan. 24th: Top 10 Free Ways of Securing Your EBS Instance.


At the Siebel Open UI blog: To BS or not to BS ? And yes, I read it just to see if it was really what they were talking about. It isn't.


At Oracle Fusion Middleware, a useful and reassuring article for those considering upgrades: The Problem with Technical Upgrades.

Speaking of upgrades, Upgrade your Database - NOW! fills us in on a good practice before starting any upgrade: Clear out the cobwebs and do a Potential check for corruptions.

Oracle VM

Oracle Press Release: Oracle VM 3.2 Now Available.


From OraStory, geeks continue to have fun with a second posting on: Fun with distributed transaction II .

At So Many Oracle Manuals, So Little Time, starts with a Mogens Norgaard story and takes a sojourn in the realm of database theory: We don’t use databases; we don’t use indexes.

Oracle Data Warrior is starting a three posting series on Data Vault vs. The World (1 of 3).

…and Finally

The chips we’ll be using in the not too distant future: Micron readies hybrid memory cube for debut. At the Kurzweil website.

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