Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 04-JAN-2012


My Oracle Support is in the process of change, moving from Flash and HTML to an ADF-based solution, as I understand it. Also made available recently is a great App/site for mobile access:

Mobile Clients for My Oracle Support at the My Oracle Support blog.


Randomize your hash functions. In this, as in many computing matters, the less hard wired and predictable a face you present to the Net, the better. Check out this posting at Cryptanalysis: Effective DoS attacks against Web Application Plattforms – #hashDoS [UPDATE3]


At the blog with the curiously crafted name of: Triggers Considered Harmful, Considered Harmful is a posting about those pesky mutating tables and why they may be a friend in disguise: The mutating table error prevents non-deterministic behavior of your code.


Ah, the possibilities for tasteless and silly puns on OATS are endless, but all I'm going to do is link you to a posting from Giri Mandalika's Repository on using it: Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS): Few Tips & Tricks.


More news and tips coming in on the new WLS 12c:

From the Java / Oracle SOA blog, Using Bean Validation together with ExtVal in JPA and JSF 

Over at Middleware Magic: WebLogic 12c in Action

RDBMS Design

An outstanding posting from someone sharing wisdom clearly acquired over a long time:  
Do You Make These 5 Database Design Mistakes? at SQL Rockstar Thomas Larock.


Looking for the default ports on OBIEE? Sunil S. Ranka's Weblog comes to the rescue: Default OBIEE 11G Ports


Antony Reynolds' Blog discusses bloat, both that caused by holiday eating and that caused by debugging: Too Much Debug 


Pythian fills us in on availability: Oracle is now available for Exadata

and please remember that there is a range of ACS services available for Exadata: Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services for Exadata


The latest from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog: 

Oracle Database 10gR2 Certified with EBS 11i on Tru64, Linux on Power, Linux Itanium

WebCast Replay Available: Desktop Integration Beyond Client ADI

Limited Extended Support Available for Oracle Single Sign-On through 2012

WebCast Replay Available: Advanced E-Business Suite Architectures

EBS R12 Certified with Database 11gR2 on SLES 11


More cool stuff at Chris Warticki's Blog - Oracle Support: Oracle-Xcerpts from the Experts Vol #1 

New Hyperion Book Out

There's a new book on the market, and I haven't seen any reviews yes, so if someone has it, please comment here (comments are moderated, so give the comment a few minutes/hours to post): Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11 Expert Guide

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