Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 16-NOV-2011


It takes a really long wrench, but you can build a cloud. Here's a posting to help do just that over at Oracle Systems Blog Austria: Building an Infrastructure Cloud with Oracle VM for x86 + Enterprise Manager 12c.

Oracle Wiki

The Wiki's back. Get the info here at OTN: The Return of Oracle Wikis: Bigger and Better.


Are you a good Java programmer and want to show it? Nothing better than being published in Java Magazine for that (well, actually coding a killer app, making a fortune and retiring at thirty is probably somewhat better, but let's not get bogged down). Oracle Technology Network Blog (aka TechBlog) let's us know all about it: Java Magazine calling all Java Coding Gurus.

Backup and Recovery

The key word there is recovery. No amount of backups are as reassuring as the actual restoration of your business data. Over at Hemant's Oracle DBA Blog there's a link to some good discussions on RESTORE, RECOVER and RESETLOGS.


Charles Hooper in his usual detailed technical manner, discusses a request he encountered and the solution he came up with for: Matching the Expected Output – Analytic RANK, ROW_NUMBER, DENSE_RANK, or Something Different?

RDBMS Performance

Tanel Poder pointed out a blog I hadn't seen before: Alexander Anokhin's Oracle Performance and Scalability blog. Judging from this item on Dynamic tracing of Oracle logical I/O it should be a good one.


We've all been there. It's a normal day, then suddenly it's chaos as directors circle the DBA's cubicle like sharks and the application wallows. This posting at dbaStreet has some good thoughts on one of the solutions: How to influence the execution plan without modifying the sql from the application. The most effective solution involves airline tickets to a country lacking an extradition treaty with the U.S., but that's somewhat career-limiting, so influencing the plans may be better.

Another good item on troubleshooting is over at the Oracle at Delphix blog: Why does the same job run slower on an exact clone? My explanation was either gnomes or cosmic rays. The folks over at Deliphix take a far more scientific approach.

Linux and Oracle

This posting at the Pythian blog discusses a very important element of patching -- you're not just patching the DB, you also need to be aware of the OS patches and, preferably, involved: Linux Patching and Oracle – how to detect RPM conflicts before they happen.

and you can look at some of the OpenWorld material on Linux from this link at Oracle's Linux Blog: Linux Presentations from Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

Data Warehouse

The Oracle related stuff blog gives us some material on some of the potential pitfalls of misusing star transformation: Star Transformation And Cardinality Estimates.


Pythian has lots of links of interest to DBAs: Log Buffer #245, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs. (I must say I find a carnival of the vanities a lot better than the historic 'bonfire of the vanities').

Avian Education

Yes, you too can make millions of dollars .99 cents at a time. Just take this free course offered at Stanford: Stanford University Offers Free Course on Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad, then write the next Angry Birds. Speaking of which, people are getting heavily into Angry Birds, and I'm talking about physicists figuring out parameters of the yellow bird: Physics of the Yellow Angry Bird.

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