Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 12-OCT-2011


The latest issue of the WebLogic Weekly (it's kind of like Better Homes and Gardens, but more like Better Servers and Services). It's at the WebLogic Server Blog: WebLogic Weekly for October 3rd, 2011

Performance: Hotsos Symposium

As we said last week, early bird registration is open for Hotsos 2012, the best performance conference on the market. Have a look at 2012: Hotsos Symposium .


New Solaris Security White Paper: Overview of Security Controls in Oracle Solaris 10


Virtual Box

Have you taken look at Oracle Virtual Box? The ORACLE-BASE Blog lets us know: VirtualBox 4.1.4 Released…


Some thoughts on Exadata and the DBA skillset. The DBA professional has been expanding for some time to include a deeper knowledge of the OS, the storage and the tiers of the enterprise beyond the cloistered walls of the SGA, and this article over at touches on some key points when thinking of managing the new Exadata machines: Can the DBA manage the Exadata machine?

Pythian discusses a new capacity for Exadata, with some interesting discussion of the pros and cons down in the discussion area of the article: Exadata smart flash cache now supports redo writes.

Finally, Jonathan Lewis' Scratchpad blog discusses Hybrid Columnar Compression in Exadata: HCC.


Charles Hooper's Oracle Notes gives us another excellent technical run down on traces, this time the 10200 trace: 10200 Trace Shows Consistent Reads, but Not All Consistent Reads.


Unexpected and unwanted growth. In medical texts it's called things like neoplasia and hyperplasia and is not pleasant. The surprise of having your planning and forecasting databases grow for apparently no reason at all is also not a happy thing. The In 2 Hyperion blog discusses it here: Why is my database growing? It’s killing my calc times!

RDBMS Unicode Conversion

Converting an existing DB to Unicode has always been one of those 'I told you so moments' in many enterprises. Usually the routine goes: DBA warns the team that they should use Unicode up front to avoid grief later. That costs more. The DBA is vetoed. Later the Unicode is needed and the process to convert the existing database costs a lot more than doing it up front. Well The Arup Nanda Blog brings us some relief. This posting on Unicode Migration Assistant for Oracle is a must read for those facing a character set conversion.

Oracle Magazine

The latest issue of Oracle Magazine is out. Okay, admittedly a centerfold of a 6-node RAC may not be considered 'piquant', but there you can tell people you read it for the articles. Really. Oracle Magazine November - December 2011.

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