Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oracle Priority Service Infogram This Week: OOW, Linux, GoldenGate, EBS, DBA, Security, BPM, ADF, Expirations


It's posted on the SOA Community Blog, but it applies to anyone with an interest in Oracle. It's time to submit papers for OOW 2011: Call For Papers Oracle Open World 2011.


Tanel Poder is rapidly becoming 'Mr. Exadata'. He was Mr. Oracle Internals before this, so it's a short trip. You can read his useful posting on Oracle Exadata Performance series – Part 1: Should I use Hugepages on Linux Database Nodes? and decide for yourself if he officially gets the title.


If you're a sysadmin for Linux you just about live on the command line, but how about the growing number if DBAs that are accustomed to 'graphical everything'? Here is an intro to some of the essential commands that will make it easier for you to get more effective control of your OS at the command line: Linux Command Line Made Easy (at coolpctips.com).

For those of you going down to the metal level on your optimization, the InfraRed blog has this: Oracle Linux 6 enhancements for x86 systems.

And while all that is going on you might want to trace. For that you can have a look at the Scott James Remnant blog: Tracing on Linux.


PACKT Publications seems to be bringing out a series of books on GoldenGate. I haven't seen the reviews and would be interested to see if you have worked with any of these books and have comments/reviews. Please comment here (moderated comments, so it will post with a slight delay), or let your SDM know what you think of the series: Oracle GoldenGate: Considerations for Designing a Solution


Suddenly find yourself awash in the sea of EBS? Or perhaps you're an old hand but haven't worked with Fixed Assets? In either case you may find this introduction to the components of Fixed Assets handy: Oracle EBS – Fixed Assets : Overview. It's over at Know Oracle.


Some valuable material on working with AWR snapshots when evaluating batch run times from Jonathan Lewis at his Scratchpad blog: AWR Snapshots.


If there's one thing cooler than old underground bunkers no longer used, it's these places--old underground bunkers being used at full capacity to keep parts of the Web functioning if the balloon goes up: The emergency internet bunkers from PC Pro.


Safari has an eBook version of the book: Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1. If you are trying to read everything you can on a Kindle, this search over at Safari might help:



Mobile is the new Big Thing. I know it is for me. And ADF is there: Mobile Application Development with oracle ADF Mobile.


Time marches on. We change the clocks, we check the smoke detector batteries...and realize that Premier Support for EBS R12.0 customers ends on January 31, 2012.

For customers who want to be on Extended Support for R12.0, there is a minimum baseline defined.

Information about the MBL can be found in the Error Correction Support Policy which can be downloaded from:


Also worthy of consideration is this reminder on 10g Forms at Grant Ronald's Blog: Alert for Forms customers running Oracle Forms 10g.

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