Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oracle Infogram This Week: Hyperion, MySQL, Search Filter, SQL Injection, Data Modelling, Time


Timeouts don't always happen on the server side. Here's a posting over at In 2 Hyperion on the browser factor: Why Does Workspace Log You Out?


Some tips on MySQL at Net tuts+: Top 20+ MySQL Best Practices


Over at Ritmann Mead Consulting, one of the best blogs out there, is: A Quick Recap on “The Best of” our OBIEE 11g Postings, so that's the best of the best. Definitely worth a look.

Search Filter

I've read and enjoyed the work of various members of Miracle, a company based in Denmark, for years. The legendary Oak Table is owned by its founder (the Oak Table is somewhat like the Round Table. Only it's not round. And has nothing to do with chivalry. And is all about Oracle performance experts. And has a lot more beer stains on it.). So when I stumbled across this search engine from Miracle Finland I thought I'd pass it along: Miracle Finland search engine.

SQL Injection

You've heard me speak (well, preach, more like) about the need for continued vigilance to eliminate SQL injection vulnerabilities. Here is a good cheat sheet I came upon about SQL injection. There are links to other vulnerability references at the bottom of the posting:

Data Modelling

Speaking of thorough lists, this is the most comprehensive list of data modelling tools I've seen: Data Modelling Tools over at Database Answers

Time Marches On

And everything gets old. That includes software. Please have a look a the dates for the RDBMS and plan accordingly:

Please see details in MOS Note : Release Schedule of Current Database Releases [ID 742060.1]

The patching end dates for the different release/patch levels are as follows unless noted otherwise in the table:


Patching Ends






Click here to view the dates. Note that although 10.2 Extended Support begins in August 2010, Extended Support fees have been waived for the first year for all customers - for more information see the Oracle Technical Support Policy document section 6 (d).


  • is the last patch set for Release 11.1. Future integrated error correction will come in the form of Patch Set Updates. Please see Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products (Doc ID 854428.1) for current details.
  • is a base release.
  • 310.2.0.5 is the last patch set for Release 10.2. Once patching ends for, future integrated error correction will come in the form of Patch Set Updates. Please see Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products (Doc ID 854428.1) for current details.
    • The start of Extended Support no longer forces customers to run the last patch set in order to receive new fixes (such as PSU or CPU) - will be patched up until the end date listed above.

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