Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oracle Infogram this Week: EBS, Grid, ADF, SOA, OTN, Passlogix, Blog of Note, Performance, Business News, Humor


This week at the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:


If you are running Enterprise Manager Grid Control on the IBM AIX platform, you should have already received this important alert. If not, please have a look:

- ATTENTION AIX CUSTOMERS: Enterprise Manager Grid Control Certificate Authority Will Expire On 31-Dec-2010 (Doc Id 1181173.1)
AIX Enterprise Manager Grid Control SSL Certificate Authority Expires on December 31, 2010 (Doc Id 1171558.1)


Another week, and (at least) one more great posting over at the Shay Shmeltzer blog on the topic: Passing Parameters to ADF Application through the URL.


Antony Reynolds' Blog brings us a very useful item on Configuring a RAC Cluster for SOA.

OTN Whitepapers

Lots of good OTN white papers this week by way of Delicious. Here are some on optimized solutions. You know management is going to yank the hardware you need from under you at the last minute anyway, using the funds to buy a small island in the Caribbean for 'off-shore backup and recovery', but at least you can plan on getting that configuration just right.

White Paper: Oracle’s Optimized Solution for WebLogic Suite: An Optimal In-Memory Data Grid Architecture

White Paper: Oracle Optimized Solution for Siebel CRM

White Paper: Oracle's Optimized Solution for E-Business Suite


On October 5, 2010, Oracle announced the acquisition of Passlogix, adding enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) and strong network authentication capabilities to Oracle’s Identity Management Suite. You can read more in the official FAQ on the subject here.

Blog of Note: Oracle Nerd

I love the name of this blog, and the contents are excellent. Here's something I like for both content and the name we've used: OBIEE: obieerpdmigrateutil.exe. That .exe name is a winner. I picture the frayed production DBA typing it rapidly three times over at 3 AM and thinking: 'In a world of cryptic acronyms and abbreviations, I get the one utility with a name longer than its binary code!'


Over at the Striving for Optimal Performance blog, Christian Antognini has been experimenting with a new package: DBMS_AUTO_SQLTUNE: ORA-01748 and Documentation Bugs.

Business News

This article at the Wall Street Journal site (a part of the site you can see without paying any tolls), was of interest to me. As an employee of a large company that uses a mix of traditional and innovative management to keep up with a fast-moving world of technology, I started reading up on the subject right away: The End of Management.


I can't resist passing this one along. It could easily be a Monty Python routine, but is in fact a transcript from a real British courtroom: High court hang-ups.


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