Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oracle Infogram this Week: OOW, Design, Exadata, EBS, Messups


Several items of interest as the buildup to OOW reaches a
crescendo. First, have you ever wanted to climb into Oracle's
acrobatic plane for a ride? Now you don't have to break into an
airport at night to do it. The Pythian Blog tells us how to

To help you plan, over at Marc Sewtz' blog about Oracle Application Express is a really nice app (in APEX, of course), to help you plan your OOW experience.


Over at the DBA Kevlar blog we have some wisdom on design and the cost of hurry and compromise: Building Right or Build Twice- That is the Question...

On a related topic over at Oracle Musings is a small and painful tale of sequences avoided for all the wrong reasons and how redtape can compromise the integrity of a system: Sequence Smackdown.



Over at Jonathan Lewis' Oracle Scratchpad you can find a handy post of posts on Exadata. Well worth a look:


Over at the Oracle E-Business Technology blog this week:

Historic Mess-ups

Feel like confessing? Or maybe just reading about the monumental mess-ups of others? This is the article for you (add your own):

IT Disasters: What Was Your Biggest Screw-Up?

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