Thursday, August 5, 2010

BI Publisher, APEX, Hyperion, Security, EBS

BI Publisher

Over at the Oracle BI Publisher Blog we have some belated but very handy links from Collaborate: BI Publisher for PeopleSoft.

Also in the realm of BI is this posting from A Bi Publisher developer's diary on the sometimes arcane art of getting foreign fonts to function properly: Non-English characters appears as ???? in BI Publisher PDF output


Over at Let's talk about APEX . with Anthony Rayner, there are some useful postings on the latest version:


Patchset is out for Hyperion

Hyperion System 9 release 9.3.3. is now available via My Oracle Support []. Please search on the Patches and Updates section for the products you need to obtain. Here is a listing of the products with their respective patch numbers:

Hyperion Capital Expense Planning and Workforce Planning Release Flat (Patch 9947254 )

Hyperion Data Relationship Management - System 9 Release (Patch 9911511 )

Hyperion Essbase Administration Services - System 9 Release (Patch 9895359 )

Hyperion Essbase Integration Services - System 9 Release (Patch 9895342 )

Hyperion Essbase - System 9 Release Server (Patch 9895273 )

Hyperion Essbase - System 9 Release Client (Patch 9895284 )

Hyperion Planning System 9 Release (Patch 9900210 )

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Release (Patch 9912542 )

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Adapter for Financial Management Release (Patch 9912589 )

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Adapter Suite Release (Patch 9912611 )

Hyperion Financial Management - System 9 Release (Patch 9829066 )

Hyperion Remote Authentication Module - System 9 Release (Patch 9934896 )

Hyperion Reporting and Analysis System 9 Release (Patch 9900557 )

Hyperion Performance Scorecard System 9 Release (Patch 9885803 )

Hyperion Provider Services Release (Patch 9895309 )

Hyperion Shared Services - System 9 Release (Patch 9904620 )

Hyperion Smart View for Office Release (Patch 9904235 )

Hyperion Strategic Finance - System Release (Patch 9904675 )

Another good tool for all our Hyperion customers is:

the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Cumulative Feature Overview Tool. The CFO Tool is interactive and offers customers a simple way to determine the new features between releases. This first version covers Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Release 9.3.1 through Release 11.1.2.

The tool is available on the My Oracle Support site via this link:


Pete Finnigan posted a link to the Cervello Consultants site that is both scary and useful: The ignored evidence of data breaches …. It turns out 48 percent of the attacks on a survey of data breaches were inside jobs. Integrity is indeed a valuable resource.


Only one link this week from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog, about 1/4 their usual rate. Must be the heat:

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