Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hyperion, SQL and APEX, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics, SOA, OBIEE


Just came across a Hyperion blog I hadn't seen before, one run by Johnson & Associates Consulting called the Hyperion Consultant Blog. Let me know what you think of it.


A posting over at John's Blog touches the tip of the veritable iceberg of the potential impact of views on performance. Through a simple example he shows how you can end up with a reduntant sort operation from using a view. But there can be lots of other impacts, and I've seen views of such intricacy and inefficiency that they've turned out to be the cause of major performance problems. Often it starts out as: well, we just need a view to simplify coding this report. Then over the months and years it is forgotten that the view was created for a specific report and it starts to be used as if it were a table, then there are modifications, then someone creates a view that uses the view as an element, and from there it's all downhill in a handbasket.

So views are a great way to help out developers, but don't let them take on a life of their own or they can become a real problem.

On APEX, have you been hearing the hoopla about Application Express for a long time and meaning to 'get around to that'? Well, have a look at this site and you can set up an account and mess around in your very own workspace to get familiar with APEX. I think you will find it an elegant and useful product for fast development (and a lot of more complex tasks).

One more item in the wonderful world of APEX this week: How to Avoid Bot Spammers in APEXover at Martin Giffy D'Souza's APEX blog.

Lies, Statistics and Their Ilk

In a posting entitled Autotrace Lies Too! Kerry Osborne digs in to some of the behavior of autotrace and the intricacies of how close an explain plan is to what the optimizer really ends up doing. He points back in the posting to an excellent posting from Tom Kyte on the same subject.


Looking for a trimmed down summary of SOA 11g: Cluster installation? Well, there's the link over at the SOA@Oracle SCA, BPEL, BPM & Service Bus. The blog title is almost as long as the process.


Working with OBIEE? You should definitely take a look at the Oracle Business Intelligence obiee 101 blog. Lots of nice little technical how-to's. Definitely something to add to your RSS feeds. Example: OBIEE Popup Box.

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