Monday, January 25, 2010

Entity Relationship Diagrams for Peoplesoft Now Available

In an effort to streamline the process for customers to receive Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and make it more efficient for us internally, the ERDs are now available on My Oracle Support. Customers no longer have to open a SRS ticket. Customers can find them on My Oracle Support using the Note ID or from this central ERD page (note ID 1051533.1).

ERDs are available for:

HCM: 9.1 Note: 968850.1, 9.0 Note: 979328.1, 8.9 Note: 981781.1, 8.8 Note: 989720.1

ELM: 9.1 Note: 989317.1, 9.0 Note: 989318.1, 8.8 Note: 1050817.1

CRM: 9.1 Note: 986733.1, 9.0 Note: 978853.1, 8.9 Note: 981780.1

FIN: 9.0 Note: 961655.1, 8.9 Note: 979359.1, 8.8 Note: 989673.1

SCM: 9.0 Note: 975752.1, 8.9 Note: 981711.1, 8.8 Note: 989690.1

EPM: 9.0/8.9 Note: 985535.1

Portal: 8.9 Note: 988728.1

Additional ERDs will be posted when they are available.

All ERD postings on My Oracle Support have the following disclaimer:

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) are available only for selected PeopleSoft Enterprise products at the sole discretion of Oracle. Your existing license agreements with Oracle guide the use of this information. The information contained within the ERDs and the associated documents themselves are proprietary and confidential information and should not be distributed or otherwise made available without the expressed written consent of Oracle.

Oracle makes no statement regarding the completeness or accuracy of these diagrams. Since ERD's apply only to a specific version of a specific product, they may or may not apply to any products or versions of the product other than those specified. By providing these ERD's, Oracle makes no commitment to update or correct these diagrams, nor does Oracle commit to continue providing them for any products or versions of the product.

ERD's are provided ‘as-is’ and Oracle does not provide technical support or offer any warranties for these programs. By using the data in these document, the recipient assumes full responsibility for any liabilities encountered while using them and the information contained in them.

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gordon said...

We use Saphir from Silwood Technology for creating ERDs of any of our PeopleSoft tables, including our own site-specific tables. It has it's own ERD feature, or can export to things like ERwin and PowerDesigner

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