Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Running OBI EE on Windows? This posting at the Rittman Mead blog may be of interest to you: Using Perfmon.exe to Monitor OBIEE on Windows

Oracle Scratchpad, Jonathan Lewis' performance blog, has a couple of postings on foreign keys. Though one of the fundamental concepts of the relational model in theory and practise, foreign keys confuse a lot of people, and have more than their share of myths. Jonathan should be able to help you cut through the fog.

The Global Oracle Contractors Network has a series on Using the Oracle PL/SQL Profiler. Here is a link: Using the Oracle PL/SQL Profiler Part 1

Alberto Dell'Era's blog has some good material on changes in 11gR2 Materialized Views.

Oak Table

Speaking of Jonathan Lewis, I'd like to remind everyone about the Oak Table Network. They don't update their homepage very often, but the place is definitely worthy of exploration. In my years as a performance specialist I found that most rules of thumb are dangerous...except one: If a performance specialist has been invited to join the Oak Table that is a person of substance in the field. I'm surprised to still see ratio-based optimization being touted, specialists in performance recommending rebuilding indexes, etc. Members of the Oak Table have been pioneers in dispelling such myths and shadow boxing in the realm of performance optimization by a curious activity: direct experimentation and proof by hard example.


The PeopleSoft tipster brings us A first look at Tools 8.50’s new User Interface

The PeopleSoft DBA Blog explains some of the arcane knowledge of database links and PeopleSoft.


In 2 Hyperion, one of my favorite blogs, has an article on EPM Reformation (in spite of sounding like a rock band founded by Martin Luther, it's a Hyperion posting).

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse Insider brings us some valuable info on Chunking of Updates.


SOA and Java Using Oracle Technology blog discusses a cutting edge way to improve middle tier performance, Oracle Coherence*Web: easy in-memory session management in a clustered environment.

Doom and Gloom Supplemental

In a continuing series on project management philosophy, the Edgewater Technology blog runs down the various ways that things can blow up, planets, projects, and what have you: Ten Ways to Ensure Project Failure.


Speaking of gloom and doom, did I mention lately that it is a very good idea to apply the CPUs we put out quarterly? Yes, I hear the groaning, the gnashing of DBA teeth, but there really are people in the world whose moral fiber leaves much to be desired, and many of them have access to the Internet, so it's good to keep up your guard. I even received a warning about an Oracle vulnerability from the makers of my home router (with built-in firewall). If you're running 10g, you should have a look. Further details are to be found in previous Infogram updates about the CPU and all over the My Oracle Support site.

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