Monday, December 31, 2007

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Some thoughts on Scripting, with a pointer to Larry Wall's article on the same.

E-Business Suite

Essential debugging tools for R12 from Stephen Chan (his blog is an EBS goldmine).

IT Opinion

Like getting performance evaluations? Like writing them? Ok, right, no on both counts. So read this article about them at the Simple DBA blog and feel better about things.

Oracle Coherence Datagrid Video Presentation

Oracle Coherence Datagrid Video on YouTube by way of Eddie Awad's blog.


The end of the year is a good time to look back...and not take things too seriously. So here are a couple of humor items.

A Support Dialog Overheard (First Half Hour Not Recorded)

Customer: Okay, how do I do that?
Help Desk: I just told you that.
Customer: I don't understand.
Help Desk: Click the 'Go' button and your file will download.
Customer: (Long silence). It doesn't work. I can't find it.
Help Desk: Ok, let's take a new approach to this question. Do you have a Blockbuster video in your town?
Customer: (Brightening audibly) Why yes! Yes we do!
Help Desk: Good. Please write these instructions down then. I want to you get in your car and drive to the Blockbuster. Have that so far?
Customer: Yes, yes.
Help Desk: Ok, once you are there find the Drama Section. Got that?
Customer: D-r-a-m-a. Yes, got it!
Help Desk: Okay. In the Drama Section, look for a section marked 'Detective Movies'.
Customer: Yes, detectives, good.
Help Desk: Okay, once you find that...RENT A FREAKING CLUE! (Click).

Now aren't you glad you have Oracle Support. I've never once told a client that.

A Few of the Better Web Videos to End the Year

Three of the better ones, including the Support in the Middle Ages video that everyone who has worked for a help desk watches and nods through every time, at the Belgian Mainframe blog.

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